What if Muslim Sectarian-Groups were Diseases or Drugs?!!!



I’ve often wondered to myself, the question that I’ve chosen to title this article. I’ve wondered it, because, it seems to me, and I could be dead-wrong, that Sectarianism, among Muslims, particularly, especially, have been just as destructive, if not more destructive than Diseases and/or Narcotics, which have wreaked havoc on the Human-Race, as a result of careless Substance-Abuse, the promotion of Sexual-Promiscuity, corrupt governmental-policies, the Drug-Game/Drug-Trafficking, the Adult-Film Industry, etc. At any rate, this is what I’ve come up with, and I will explain why I’ve made comparisons between Sectarian-Groups & Diseases/Drugs. Really, the whole point of this article is to educate & encourage Muslims to abstain from the harms of Religious-Sectarianism among Muslims, just as though someone would help to steer People, generally, from things such as Unprotected-Sex and/or Drug-Abuse-These 2-things, respectively: if one isn’t properly educated on these issues, can/will face disastrous results. And, as Muslims, we ought to want what’s best for the People, not what’s worse for them. And, in this case, Religious-Sectarianism is just as destructive for our Souls, as Casual/Unprotected, Non-Marital Sex, and/or Drug-Abuse can/does have on the Human-Body.

I’ve listed several Sectarian-Groups, in comparison to several Diseases/Narcotics:

If Sectarian-Groups were Diseases, they would be the following-


1. Salafism=H.I.V.:
HIV is the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus; its purpose is to destroy all of what’s in its circumference. It aims to engulf, consume all in its path. That’s exactly what Salafism is: the objectives of those whom claim to adhere to one or more forms of Salafism stand on the stance that it is they whom are upon the true way of as-Salaf-us-Salih/the Righteous-Ancestors (as-Sahabah/the Companions [of Muhammad], as well as at-Tabi`in/the Followers [of the Companions])-they have come to the conclusion that all those whom don’t conform to their undestanding are completely astray, and therefore, either through religious or political means, deem to crush & destroy any/all other groups which are not in accordance to their teachings. Now, there are several strands of Salafism: conventional Salafi-Movement, al-Ikhwan-ul-Muslimun/the Muslim-Brotherhood, etc. Many will not believe me; but, they’re all under one: the origins of the Salafis & Ikhwanis were both founded upon similar principles, by similar influences (Rashid Rida & Muhammad Abduh), in Egypt, during the mid 19th-century.(https://garethbryant.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/hujjahagainstsaudiarabia)


2. Sufism=Cancer:
Cancer has many forms, many origins, many outcomes, much like Sufism…Sufism has a very lengthy history among Muslims; however, what is not known is the fact that they are just as volatile as any other group, and here’s why: they take a posture, not all, but, enough of them, that they, alone, possess the keys to spiritual-awareness, nearness, closeness to Allah, and that’s very deadly/dangerous. It’s like they deem themselves, largely, not exclusively, as they only group to have a valid formula for a Muslim to pursue any type of Islamic “Spiritual-Path”. This posture is in and of itself, Cancerous. This sectarian posture has spread, very far & wide, just like any typical Cancer, if/when not dealt with, clarified, corrected, immediately.


3. Shi`ism=Syphilis:
Syphilis is a very stifling disease: it’s one of the cause of Dementia, after all, if/when not treated, just like many of the many pathological beliefs among Shi`is, that they alone truly respect/love Ahl-al-Bayt/the Prophetic-Household, that only certain individuals qualify as being from among Ahl-il-Bayt, that there were people whom usurped the Khilafah/Islamic-Authority, after the death of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that they (not largely, but, enough of them) even go so far as to condemn certain Companions (May Allah be pleased with them all-together) of not only being Companions, but, as well, being open-sinners, corrupt, and worse yet, not even being Muslims.


4. Ahamdism=Down-Syndrome:
Down-Syndrome, as we all know is a genetic-disorder, which compromises the development of the Human-Intellect (this is in no way meant to make fun of persons with Down-Syndrome by the way…seriously). Likewise, Ahamdism manages to provide the same results: diluted intellect, as a result of lack of knowledge of basic textual-realities. Most (not all) Ahamdis (followers of Ahmadism) have this thwarted belief that there exists Prophethood after Muhammad (Peace be upon him) & these beliefs were taught by a man named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed that he was endowed by Allah with Prophethood. Now, the comparison between Ahmadism & Down-Syndrome are similar as in both cause a person to be intellectually-compromised. The only difference is that Down-Syndrome is inheritable by birth, while Ahmadism is exclusively a personal-choice to adhere to. Basic knowledge of the text (the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition) clearly shows the contradictions of Ahmadism’s claims of Prophethood existing after Muhammad. But, sadly, those whom are adherents of Ahmadism don’t study/learn from classic Islamic texts, because, if the truly did, they wouldn’t even dare to believe the teachings of any False-Prophet.


5. Nation of Islam=Stupidity:
Stupidity is definitely a disease & very few people manifests this level of clinical-stupidity better than the NOI: they claim that Allah is a Human being (Wali Farad AKA Fard Muhammad), the “Black-Man” is “god” & the “White-Man” is the “devil”; yet, ironically, the founder of the NOI, Wali Farad, was not only Non-Black, but, he was actually 1/2-White…And, that’s just some of their erroneously idiotic beliefs, like believing that Elijah Poole (AKA Elijah Muhammad) was a Prophet, even though he received no revelation & the fact that he was a straight-up pimp & con of the African-American Community, along with being a renowned womanizer & adulterer, none of these qualities being that of a Prophet, by the way…so, there you go.(https://garethbryant.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/wallacepoole)


6. Kharijism=Gonorrhea:
As nasty as the disease itself, Kharijism is a very debilitating sectarian-group, which requires that its members disregard the sanctity of fellow Muslims not adhering to their views.  Historically, they’ve been responsible for so much turmoil within the Muslim-World for centuries, and everywhere they go they bring destruction with them.


7. Qur’anism=Herpes:
Qur’anism is a sect that just won’t go away. Once the came on the scene, with their sick belief that the Qur’an is the only text that Muslims need, to function religiously, when there are so many things, Islamically, that are not at all explained within the Qur’an, but, are in fact detailed within the documented Prophetic-Tradition of Muhammad (Peace be upon him).


8. Modernists=Chlamydia:
Chlamydia has the ability to even cause blindness, among other unfortunate damages to the Human body, and so does Modernism. It causes Muslims to be blind to the fact that the enemies of Islam prpagate the negative actions & interpretations of Islam, among the Muslims & in the Public-Sphere (via Media), to such a disgusting extent, that Muslim now feel the need to water-down their own practice of Islam, just to appease the Public, to make themselves seem non-threatening to the same persons who constantly attack our way of Life, our Lifestyle, our Religion. Instead of just standing up for Islam, by being proper Muslims, as good examples for others to follow, they just scrape away bit-by-bit, and piece-by-piece, more and more of their own Islam, thinking that this is a good way to get accept by the enemies of Islam, while blinding themselves to the truth of what Allah clearly states within His own Book, “The Jews & Christians will never be pleased with you, unless you accept their religion.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.120) The Jews & Christians changed their Books-of-Revelation, in both text & meaning; now, the Muslims change their Book-of-Revelation, in meaning. The Jews & Christians celebrate the births of their dead/presumed-dead Prophets (Peace be upon them); now, the Muslims celebrate the death of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The Jews & Christians are starting to support “Same-Gender Marriage”; now, the Muslims are supporting “Same-Gender Marriage”, and so on.

If Sectarian-Groups were Narcotics, they would be the following-

Cryatal Meth

1. Salafism=Crystal-Meth:
Currently, the most lethal drug around, Meth has disastrous effects on both the mental & physical health of anyone/everyone who indulges in that particular substance. Likewise, when it comes to Salafism, the “end-all-to-be-all” so-called “Saved-Sect”, this as well has detrimental results, for those who adhere to this group, as well as those allow themselves to succumb to the teachings of this group. Meth imposes the following side-effects:

a. Meth-Mouth: This occurs as the result of the loss of teeth, from pathological, long-term use of Meth. This plays out in Salafism as the loss of family, friends, etc., because as a Salafi, you deem one’s self so religiously elite, that they tend to treat others whom they deem as less than them religiously like utter garbage, which often results in family-ties, friendship-ties completely damaged beyond repair.

b. Obsessive-Behavior: This occurs as a result of Salafis being obsessed with claiming to be upon the Way of the Salaf, while their actions are often the exact opposite of what they claim, or call others to. the tend to be very arrogant, obnoxious, unyielding, judgmental, boorish, etc. They have this superiority-complex, in which they feel entitled to think less of other Muslims, just because of their claims to be members of al-Firqat-in-Najiyah/The Saved-Sect


2. Sufism=Marijuana:
Marijuana gives a person a sense of carefree, happy frolicking-in-the grass feeling, much like Sufism. Sufism, according to many adherents, is based upon what is known as Tasawwuf/Spirituality, which is something already infused within Islam without the need of any external discipline to be added or made-up. Sufism often claims to give its adherents a sense of spiritual enhancement, via Sufi practices, etc. But, the problem is that generally, based upon what many Sufi adherents state themselves, as though they alone possess the ability to truly connect to Allah, I view that as wrong. No one has to be of any particular sect, to acquire a relationship with one’s Creator. And, much like Marijuana (which is actually a plant, that has been known to be used medically), when used incorrectly, can & often does have dangerous results, Sufism, as well, when those who adhere to this attempt to monopolize on Spirituality/Spiritualism.


3. Shi`ism=Heroin:
When it comes to Shi`ism, Heroin is a good comparison. And, I’ll explain why. Heroin, as we know, is an Opioid, that causes immediate addiction. And, with something like Shi`ism, which stresses the point of respecting/loving Ahl-al-Bayt (the family of Muhammad [Peace be upon him]), even though their are scores of persons who many/most Shi`i don’t even consider to be from among Ahl-il-Bayt.(for more information about Ahl-il-Bayt: http://www.garethbryant.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/theperfectsolutiontothewholeahlulbaytissue) However, this “respect/love” becomes very pathological, addictive, fairly quickly & easily, with the advent of having a lot of animosity over historical happenings, like Abu-Bakr, `Umar & `Uthman (May Allah be pleased with them) becoming Khulafa’/Islamic-Rulers before the paternal 1st-Cousin of Muhammad, `Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), which gave rise to so many unsettled disputes between Shi`is & Sunnis, that have never been resolved even in the present-day. Also, in terms of the assassinations of `Ali, as well as his two sons: al-Hasan & more specifically/especially al-Husayn (May be pleased with them both), has caused many Shi`is to indulge in unwarranted beliefs/religious-stances regarding certain Companions: Abu-Bakr, `Umar, Mu`awiyah, etc. (May Allah be pleased with them), as well as indulging in religious-practices that, are by definition, completely against Islamic-Teachings. When conversing with many/most Shi`is, concerning their takes on historical events about the history of Islam after the death of Muhammad & their positions regarding certain Companions, seems on the surface, very convincing, until one realizes that their take on history, certain Companions are very biased, to say the least.


4. Ahmadism=Cocaine:
Cocaine gives a person a sense deep nostalgia. This drug makes things seem so much the opposite of what’s really there. So, Ahmadism is no different: Ahmadism gives people the impression that Prophethood didn’t die with Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Hence, the desire to follow the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The pathology that is believing in Prophethood after Muhammad is completely unfounded in Islamic-Teachings. It’s as though the Ahmadis are in fact sadated religiously, caught in a sad trance, believing that the founder of this movement of theirs is rightly guided.


5. Nation of Islam=Crack:
Just like how Crack is a cheap, easy-to-move by-product of Cocaine, the Nation of Islam is exactly that, a cheap by-product of Ahmadism. The Nation of Islam was actually founded ban Ahmadi, by the name of Wali Farad (AKA Fard Muhammad), who the members of the N.O.I. regard as “Allah incarnate” & Elijah Poole (AKA Elijah Muhammad) as the “Messenger of Allah”. So, it’s very easy, by virtue of who their founder was, to tell that their are some similarities between the NOI & Ahmadism, like the belief in Prophecy after Muhammad, etc.


6. Kharijism=Ecstasy: Ecstasy has people all messed-up. Just like this substance has one in a constant fantasy realm, of perverse longing to acquire gratification, so are the effects of being a Khariji. Kharijism, just like Ecstacy, causes their victims the pursuit of a thrill, that places them at the pinnacle of what they set out for. For those who use Ecstacy, they deem to pursue sexual prowess. While those who indulge in Kharijism, they deem to indulge in self-righteousness. Both who are addicted to these substances

Angel Dust

7. Qur’anism=Angel-Dust/PCP:
Angel-Dust is a narcotic, which causes, among so many things: imbalance, of moods/emotions, as well as general anatomical equilibrium. Likewise, with Qur’ansim, they loose their balance, when they claim that the Qur’an is all that’s needed for guidance for Humanity, after Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The bogus claim for this rhetoric, by its adherents, the Qur’aniyyun/Qur’anis is based upon their pathological mistrust for Humans, in dealing with Revelation. Basically, they claim that only the Qur’an has been properly protected & preserved, whereas, Ahadith (singl. Hadith/Recording: Prophetic-Statements [of Muhammad]) have not been preserved in the same care as the Qur’an, and/or that Ahadith were only recorded centuries after the death of Muhammad. Now, some big problems arise:

a. It’s a known historical fact that both the Qur’an as well as Prophetic-Statements were in fact recorded during the lifetime of Muhammad, by many, countless of his Companions (May Allah be pleased with them altogether). So, how could it possibly be that they trust those who recorded the Qur’an, word-for-word, in the current form that has been preserved in, for the past 14-centuries, yet they distrust the recordings of Ahadith, which were in turn recorded by the same exact persons that recorded the Qur’an.(https://garethbryant.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/quranandsunnahjointly)

b. How can they possibly learn how to induct someone into Islam, make Salah/Prayer (5-times per day), commit to Siyam/Fasting (during the month of Ramadhan), give Zakah/Obligatory-Charity, make Hajj/Pilgrimage, any of the most basic tents of Islam, which according to the Shari`ah/Islamic-Law a Muslim?

Think about it!!!


8. Modernists=LSD:
This, among the others, is possibly one of, if not the most destructive of them all. In the 1950’s & 1960’s, C.E., LSD had been used for psychotherapy purposes, for was perceived to possess therapeutic value, in the treatment of alcoholism, pain and cluster headache relief, spiritual purposes, to enhance creativity, etc. However, several government organizations, like the Drug Enforcement Agency, in the United States, through their own research-studies, have come to the conclusion that LSD produces, enhances, none of the above that were sought after during the middle part of the 20th-century, C.E. Now, in comparison to Modernism, it’s the same results. Modernism, among Muslims deems to try to rid Islam of archaic “beliefs” and/or “practices”, which they have allowed themselves to believe to be no longer relevant, useful, important, crucial, to Islam and/or Muslims, in our Modern-World. However, ironically, just like how it has been found out that LSD has no positive results, neither does Modernism. In fact, it actually takes Muslims deeper into the depths of theological/religious darkness than anything that they claim to rid from Islam. Some examples are the following:

a. The acceptance of the ideals of Evolution/Darwinism which, in many ways completely contradict Islamic-Teachings, especially when it comes to the advocacy of Agnosticism/Atheism: the doubt/denial of the existence of a Divine-Creator of the Universe, as well as the fallacy of the origin of the Human-Race being the anatomical-descendants of Primates, etc.

b. The acceptance of degenerate social-practices, such as Homosexuality, Same-Gender Marriage, Abortion, etc.

c. The denial of practices that Islam blatantly allows, such as Youth-Marriage, etc.

And, the list goes on, and, yes…and on…no need for any more examples. All of these pathologies are propagated by Modernists, among Muslims, because they believe that they’re promoting the common-good, but, in fact, they either don’t realize or don’t even care that they’re subsequently being used as proxies, for a global Non-Islamic agenda, paving the way for ad-Dajjal/the Anti-Christ, based upon the freedom to do what one wants secularly, and to be free from any types of moral standards, religiously.

And, I do know that there will be plenty of People who will not take very kindly to what I’ve written. However, that’s Life…deal with it. Now, if I’m wrong, then, by all means correct me, if you can…I’ll be waiting for what I hope to be a lot of feedback.

Gareth Bryant/2014

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    • Yes, claiming to follow the Qur’an, without the Sunnah is Heresy, by definition. And, this is because of the fact that the Concensus of the Companions, the Followers, and all generations who came after the Salad, from Scholars & Laymen alike, all agree that the Qur’an & Sunnah must be adhered to as one.

      • I only care about what God says in the Quran. The Quran doesn’t say following the Quran without Sahih Bukhari is Heresy. The Quran does not say Sahih Bukhari must be adhered to.

      • This statement proves how ignorant/desire-driven you are. The Sunnah is what must be adhered to. Don’t use Collections of Ahadith which contain Narrations which refute your ego/desires as excuses to reject the recorded/documented Sunnah. The Sunnah is just as much Revelation as the Qur’an itself, because Muhammad (Peace be upon him) only spoke on Islam which was based upon Revelation, which Allah clearly stated in Surat-in-Najm/the Chapter of the Star.

      • The Quran makes no mention of the “Sunnah of the Messenger”, a phrase so heavily used by people, but not by God in the Quran. The Quran does not say that the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger” must be adhered to. I have an excellent reason not to accept Sahih Bukhari because God makes no mention of it, nor the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger”.

        Correct me if I have misunderstood you, but you are suggesting that everything spoken by the Prophet is revelation, on the basis of Quran 53:3-5.

        66:1 proves that not everything uttered by the Prophet is revelation. So it is inaccurate for anyone to suggest that 53:3-5 shows that everything uttered by Muhammad is revelation, because the Quran does not contradict itself.

      • Obviously, we are referring to things exclusively regarding Islamic-Teachings, not non religious matters. That’s ridiculously obvious, and shouldn’t have to be unnecessarily explained.

      • Also, Allah definitely makes mention of the Sunnah of Muhammad, by mentioning it as Hikmah/Wisdom. On several occasions within the Qur’an, Allah makes the point to adhere to both al-Kitab/the Book wal-Hikmah/the Wisdom. al-Kitab is obviously referring to Revelation (Literary-Scriptures: at-Tawrah, az-Zabur, al-Injil, al-Qur’an, etc.). al-Hkimah refers to the explanations, interpretations of Literary-Scriptures. The definition of the word Hikmh is Wisdom: placing something in its proper place, in its proper context…where it belongs, where it fits properly, with ease.(Lisan-ul-`Arab: Lexicon of the Arabic-Language)

      • Firstly, you said that the Prophet ONLY spoke on Islam. But after I mentioned 66:1, you suggested that the Prophet did NOT only speak on Islam!

        Secondly, you are suggesting that 66:1 is not connected to Islam! If that was true, then why is it in the Quran? Are you suggesting that the Quran, which is God’s revelation, speaks about non-Islamic matters? If the Prophet prohibits what God has made lawful, how does this not concern an Islamic matter?

        You suggested that “The Wisdom”, as mentioned in the Quran, is referring to the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger”. 33:34 tells us that the Verses of God and “The Wisdom” are recited. Because the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger” is not something that is recited by the Prophet, “The Wisdom” is not the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger”. 17:22-39 shows that “The Wisdom” is IN the Quran. So it is false for anyone to suggest that the so called “Sunnah of the Messenger” is “The Wisdom”.

      • Are you giving preference to what humans have said instead of what God says in the Quran? Where in the Quran does it indicate that al-Hikmah is the so-called Sunnah. From the Quran, we know that al-Hikmah is recited and that it is in the Quran. Please read 33:34 and 17:22-39. So it is false that al-Hikmah is the so-called Sunnah.

      • The Qur’an has 5-Tiers of Tafsir/Interpretation:

        1. The Literal-Perception

        2. The Prophetic-Commentary of Muhammad

        3. The Commentary of as-Salaf (as-Sahabah wat-Tabi`in/the Companions & the Followers [of the Companions])

        4. The Commentaries of the Religiously-Reliable Tafsir-Scholars from as-Salaf to the Present-Day

        5. The Arabic-Language

      • These 5-Tiers of Interpretation have been proven via the channels of Knowledge, which has been passed-down, concerning the Qur’an, through: the Text itself, how Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had explained what things mean, how as-Salaf (as-Sahabah wat-Tabi`in/the Companions & Followers [of the Companions]) had understood what Muhammad had taught them about the Qur’an, the various Qur’an-Scholars, who’ve lived throughout the last 14-Centureis, and the linguistic dynamics of the Arabic-Language itself.

        There’s no way that we’d even have the Qur’an in our Human-Documented possessions, had it not been for the Human-Preservation of the Text of the Qur’an. Use your Brain, for asecond: had the Qur’an not been recorded by as-Salaf, then how do we even know that what’s in the Qur’an is 100% true? How can we even logically claim to believe in the Qur’an as 100% Truth from Allah, if/when we do not trust those who the Qur’an was directly revealed to, and those who lived in the presence of the one whom the Qur’an was revealed to?

      • I have proven from the Quran that it is false that al-Hikmah is the so-called Sunnah.

        It is simply false that the so-called Sunnah was transmitted through the exact same channels & by the exact same individuals who documented the Quran. This is evident from the fact that ahadith have various gradings and have chains of transmission for verifying their authenticity. Verses of the Quran do not have gradings or chains of transmission for verifying their authenticity.

        The Quran doesn’t say Sunnah/Prophetic-Tradition is Revelation. God never authorized it.

      • You should’ve noticed that you’ve uttered the exact same comment more than 3-times. Which basically means that you’ve absolutely no textual/intelligent counter argument. You haven’t been able to prove that al-Hikmah doesn’t refer to as-Sunnah. And, you still haven’t answered one simple question: How is it that you distrust the Sunnah of Muhammad, when he was the only Human to whom al-Qur’an was revealed to; how do/can we even know that al-Qur’an is the true Word of Allah, when People like you wanna mistrust the Person that al-Qur’an was revealed to?

      • I repeat the same thing when you don’t provide a counter argument to what I say.

        You asked “How is it that you distrust the Sunnah of Muhammad, when he was the only Human to whom al-Qur’an was revealed to…”. Your question makes an unjustified assumption that there is such a thing as “the Sunnah of Muhammad”. First you must prove from the Quran that the so called “Sunnah of Muhammad” exists before asking your question. Based on 53:3-5, you claim that everything spoken by the Prophet is revelation. With 66:1, I proved that not everything spoken by the Prophet is revelation. You then made a false, absurd and baseless claim that 66:1 indicates that God is granting the Prophet an alternative. You still have not substantiated your claim from the Quran that 66:1 indicates that God is granting the Prophet an alternative. If you cannot substantiate your claim then you cannot truthfully claim that everything that the Prophet stated/did in relation to God’s Din is Revelation in light of 66:1. You have not provided a counter argument for this with evidence from the Quran.

        You still have not provided a counter argument to the following. “It is simply false that the so-called Sunnah was transmitted through the exact same channels & by the exact same individuals who documented the Quran. This is evident from the fact that ahadith have various gradings and have chains of transmission for verifying their authenticity. Verses of the Quran do not have gradings or chains of transmission for verifying their authenticity.”

        You asked “…how do/can we even know that al-Qur’an is the true Word of Allah, when People like you wanna mistrust the Person that al-Qur’an was revealed to?”
        I do not mistrust the Prophet.

        From the Quran, we know that al-Hikmah is recited and that it is in the Quran. Please read 33:34 and 17:22-39. So I have proven from the Quran that it is false that al-Hikmah is the so-called Sunnah. You have not provided a counter argument for this with evidence from the Quran.

      • It’s very simple: you’re rejecting the Sunnah, because it details actions which aren’t allowed Islamically, which in turn, disagree with your Ego/Desires. Your entire agenda is exclusively Ego/Desire driven…Period

      • It’s very simple: I reject the so-called Sunnah because God has not sanctioned it in the Quran.

        You accept the so-called Sunnah, not because God has sanctioned it, but because “scholars” have sanctioned it. You have made these scholars partners with God and they have invented a religion not sanctioned by God.

      • By rejecting as-Sunnah, you have rejected Muhammad, the conveyor of al-Qur’an (Peace be upon him). And, by rejecting al-Qur’an, you have rejected Allah. You’ve damned yourself, solely to indulge in & provocate a Sin which you’ve allowed yourself to become addicted to.

      • According to the Quran there is no such thing as the so-called Sunnah. So you have no basis in the Quran to claim that I am rejecting Muhammad by rejecting the so-called Sunnah.

      • If you’re rejecting the Prophetic-Example of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), referring how to properly understand al-Qur’an, then yes, by definition, you are rejecting al-Qur’an. You can’t accept al-Qur’an, if you reject the Prophetic-Teachings of the same Person whom al-Qur’an was revealed to. That just makes no sense at all. Please, use your Brain, for 5-seconds.

      • The Quran does not say we need “the Prophetic-Example” or “the Prophetic-Teachings“ to understand the Quran. So you have no basis in the Quran to claim that.

      • How else are we, as Muslims, supposed to truly understand the Qur’an, without the Prophetic-Instructions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? So, basically, you’re saying that you know more about the Qur’an than the one it was revealed to?!!! Do you even have any basica knowledge of the Qur’an, in terms of memorization of the Text, the Arabic-Language, etc.?!!! Even the Pagan-Arabs, during the lifetime of Muhammad, were simply baffled by the linguistically-divine intricacies of the Qur’an, and these People were the Masters of the Masters of the Arabic-Language. So, if they needed Muhammad to understand what things in the Qur’an meant, what the Hell makes you think that you have the ability to understand anything from the Qur’an exclusively on you own, with Prophetic-Instructions?!!!

      • The Quran does not say we need any other source to truly understand it. The Prophet’s job was to deliver the book, not explain it. That’s why he’s called a Messenger. If the Quran is baffling, then it’s not really a Book of Guidance as God claims it to be in 2:2. If the Quran was baffling, people would have an excellent reason to reject it. The Quran is a clear book (15:1, 27:1), fully detailed (6:114), and clarifies all matters relating to divine guidance (16:89). What you are suggesting is that God does not explain Himself clearly, which is false. Please read 18:109 and 31:27.

      • Okay, so what about for the things which are obligatory for Muslims to adhere to, which never even mentioned within al-Qur’an, like: as-Salah/the 5-Daily Prayers & how to pray…az-Zakah/Obligatory-Charity & how it’s to be paid, along with what even constitutes as az-Zakah…Hajj/Pilgrimage & how it’s to be made, long with how many days constitute Hajj…Istinja’ (removing any/all Urine/Fecal, Blood matter from one’s body/clothing, before praying), the way to make Wudhu’, the way to pray Salat-al-Jumu`ah, Salat-al-Janazah, Salat-al-`Idayn? Then, there’s the things mentioned within the Qur’an, which baffled the Masters of the Arabic-Language, during the lifetime of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), like: الم…الر…طسم…حم…كهيعص…طح, just some examples: the Qur’an never explained what these isolated letter-groupings mean and/or why they’re even within the Qur’an, yet Muhammad still had to explain this to People. And, as far as your ridiculous statement, “The Prophet’s job was to deliver the book, not explain it.”, you’re basically claiming that Muhammad was just some drone, robotic in his Prophecy: how is it possible for him to deliver a book that he wasn’t able to understand/explain. So, basically, he just give the Qur’an to the World & said, “I gave y’all the book, now y’all Niggas are on ya own.”?!!! Seriously?!!! Also, what about the billions of Muslims, relative to the past 14-Centuries, who never studied/learned the Arabic-Language?!!! What do you have to say about that? Are you saying that it’s perfectly fine to translate the Qur’an, but not to rely on the hundreds of thousands of Qur’an-Scholars, who dedicated their entire Islamic-Academic careers to the Human-Preservation of the Qur’an?!!! In conclusion, remember: Allah states, within the Qur’an itself that the Qur’an is a Hadith, at least 3-times, most notably in Surat-il-Kahf/the Chapter of the Cave. Now, in regular-language, Hadith means, “RecordRecord”, “Documentation”, etc. So, what say you about that?!!

      • If, for example, the Quran does not indicate that there are units of prayer, then there is no such thing as units of prayer. It’s as simple as that.

        If God did not give any commentary about “Alif Lam Mim”, what’s your point? We still accept it as being from God. It’s nothing to be baffled about. By the way, can you show me so-called “sahih hadith” which explain what Alif Lam Mim means?

        If a person delivers a message, it does not logically follow that there is a requirement for him to explain it.

        You don’t have to be a “scholar” to understand the Quran. If you are proficient in Arabic, you can understand God’s Book.

        Yes, the Quran is a hadith as stated in 39:23. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. It does not imply or logically follow that we must also accept ahadith from Bukhari.

      • What do you mean, that there aren’t any Units of Prayer, just because it’s not detailed within the Qur’an. So, basically, you’re saying that you can just pray however you want, huh? Also, what is your issue with al-Bukhari? He’s only one Hadith-Scholar, so why are you always picking on him, whenever you’re trying to make a case against following Sunnah/Hadith? Now, at least you’ve admitted that the Qur’an is a Hadith. Now, what does Hadith mean, in this context? In regular-language, Hadith means something that has been told, talked about, related, recorded, written, etc. So, which definition of Hadith do we use to define what it means in the Qur’an, describing the Qur’an itself?

      • The Quran is fully detailed (6:114), and clarifies all matters relating to divine guidance (16:89). So if the Quran does not indicate that there are units of prayer, then there is no such thing as units of prayer. Please read 5:101. Although I only refer to Bukhari’s collection, my argument is not limited to it but includes all other such hadith collections. In the context of 39:23, “statement” is not a terrible translation of the word “hadith”.

      • There are several proofs, from the Qur’an itself, which mandate the Believers to adhere to both the Qur’an & Sunnah/to obey both Allah & Muhammad (Peace be upon him)…they are the following:

        Chpt.3, V.31…Chpt.4, V.59 & 83…Chpt.8, V.20-24…enough said. Even the Qur’an itself, which you claim to have such an attachment to, tells you to obey both the Revealer of Revelation, as well as the Recipient of Revelation.

      • Furthermore, Allah specifically tells us in the Qur’an that He has sent an Illiterate-Messenger, to purify those who believe, as well as teach them the Qur’an & his Prophetic-Example.(Chpt.62, V.2) And, we know that the only Person of Prophecy ever called “Illiterate”, by Allah, is Muhammad.

      • Let me ask you a very serious question: why do you hate Allah? Allah states in the Qur’an itself (which I’ve already referenced) that if we love Allah, then we must follow the Prophetic-Teachings of Muhammad. But, you & People like you shun the Sunnah, yet for what Islamically justifiable reason?

      • The Quran does not say “adhere to both the Qur’an & Sunnah”.

        The Quran does not say obey “Allah & Muhammad”. It say obey Allah and his messenger. Yes, Muhammad is the messenger but why does it use the word “messenger” instead of “Muhammad”? What is a messenger’s role? A messenger’s role is to deliver a message. The Quran is the message delivered by Muhammad. So we obey the messenger by obeying the message he delivered, which is the Quran. You cannot obey God without obeying the messenger because God did not speak to us directly. Please read 4:80. So obeying God and his messenger is one and the same thing. You have no evidence from the Quran that it means two different things.

        62:2 does not say that the messenger taught “the Qur’an & his Prophetic-Example”. It says he taught “the Book and the Wisdom”. I have already proven with 33:34 and 17:22-39 that it is false that “the Wisdom” is the so-called Sunnah. You have not proven from the Quran that “the Wisdom” is the so-called Sunnah.

        The Quran does not say “if we love Allah, then we must follow the Prophetic-Teachings of Muhammad”.

        “Teaching” does not imply “explaining”. Teaching is done by imparting knowledge. When the messenger was reciting God’s verses, he was automatically imparting knowledge, thereby teaching the Quran. The messenger purified people by reciting God’s verses.

      • You are in deep religious-denial. So, please, stop wasting my time & your time, with this pointless back and forth. I can’t direct anyone to Light, if/when they so choose to remain in Darkness. Only Allah has the ability to guide, and out of His Divine-Justice, only leads People to Guidance if/when they want it for themselves.

      • You are the one in denial because you cannot accept that God has not authorized the so-called Sunnah. You have set up human partners with God, which you call “scholars”, that authorize “the Sunnah”. I’ve backed up everything I’ve said with clear evidence from the Quran, whereas you have not. You didn’t even provide counter arguments to several points I made. So if you want to know who’s in denial, take a look in the mirror.

      • Like I said, I’m done with you…You’ve decided to tread the path that you desire to be upon. May Allah guide you & forgive you for rejecting His Revelation, for rejecting His Messenger.

      • I have not rejected the Quran. So, I have not rejected God’s messenger either, who delivered the Quran.

        You disbelieve in God’s Verses 6:114 and 16:89 which clearly show that the Quran is fully detailed and clarifies all matters relating to divine guidance. Verse 3:4 says that there is a severe punishment for those who disbelieved in the Verses of God. You have abandoned the guidance of God in the Quran and have instead taken hadith in Bukhari as a source of divine guidance, which God never authorized. Please read 25:30.

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