Mercy on Wheels: Muslims Giving Back’s Project: #Transform


Mercy on Wheels Rania

Allah states, within His Book, “Verily with hardship is ease.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.94, V.5)

With that being said, we, as Muslims, always work hard to attain patience, in order attain the Help of Allah, the Creator/Lord of the Universe. But, also, those who help those who are in need, on any/all levels, empower themselves, will, as well, attain the Help of Allah, if we’re sincere to serve Him, as well as help others. So, that’s exactly what Muslims Giving Back is all about: serving Allah via serving our fellow Man.

And, one of the greatest examples of this service-thru-service is one of our most successful projects, to date: #Transform & #MercyOnWheels. These two respective intersecting projects involve the following:

1. Taking someone who is going through a tough time (impoverished, homeless, etc.) and treating them to an entire day of stress-free, work-free leisure: we take them shopping, take them to spas, etc.

2. We repair the homes of those who may not afford individual costs of home-repairs, along with (depending on te need) purchase furniture, food, clothes, etc.: whatever they may need for their homes.

3. Auto-repair/replacement: we assist people who have car-problems, by either getting their respectful vehicles repaired, or assist in completely replacing their old vehicles with newer ones.

These two respective projects, among all our other ventures, really change people’s lives for the better. And, we hope to only be those that Allah describes in the verse of His Noble-Book, state previously, as being “ease”. It is our sole-intent to be the vessels in which Allah uses, at all times, to be the reasons why people are able to rise above their respective tests, calamities, hardships, etc.

The necessity for those who have more to give to those who have less are t many of the standards which Muslims Giving Back stands by…Our signature Motto: #NoHumanLeftBehind represents our never-ending goal to be of service to the Creation of our Creator, at any time, in any place, with whatever capacity that we can muster. We, as Muslims, as Human beings, have been thus mandated, by Allah, to always be willing, able, etc., to be of ease, the ease, that Allah speaks about in the above verse from the Qur’an, for other experiencing hardship.

Gareth Bryant/2014

Watch our latest Project: #Transform & #MercyOnWheels success-story:

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