When I speak, I’m so weak…
…I cry & tears reach the Sky.

My spirits get so low…
…My blood flows slow.

My self-esteem ain’t always what it seems…
…My lack of productivity taints my dreams.

However, in the darkest and longest hours of the Night…
…Knowing that Allah is my Lord makes everything alright.

I implore Him, for His mercy, although I’m so unworthy of His grace…
…How can I dare to think that I’m deserving to see His Noble-Face?

He gave me Guidance, while I gave Him my sins in return…
…Yet, He still protects me, not wanting me in Hell, to burn.

But, I have to want heavenly salvation for myself…
…I must discover the gems & jewels of true wealth.

I always ponder upon receiving Mercy, in spite of always being ever sinful…
…Allah truly loves those who turn to Him, I cannot be any less than grateful.

Gareth Bryant/2014

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