Gareth Bryant’s Thanksgiving Spoiler-Alert:


While all of you are bustin’ down a big ol’ bird, called a Turkey, to the white-meat…just remember some pretty important things:

1. Gratitude/Giving Thanks for what Allah the Creator/Lord of the Universe, has granted each & every one of us on Earth, shouldn’t/mustn’t be limited to only the commercialized-celebration of 1-holiday, only 1-day out of the entire year-Thanksgiving is a concept that is supposed to be respected/observed 24/7 all-year round.

2. Since you’re gonna celebrate this holiday regardless to whatever I say, at least offer some of your many dishes to those whom are in peril, whom cannot afford to feed themselves and/or are out in the streets during these times of the year, right here in our local residencies, of our native cities, nations, etc.

3. Being grateful for what one has also entails being grateful for what hasn’t befallen you: there are countless millions of members of our Humanity, who will probably never experience the luxury of sitting at anyone’s dinner-table, enjoying monstrous amounts of food, which we selfishly stuff our faces with, while throwing the rest away, not realizing, nor even caring, that that food which we waste could’ve been used to relieve at least some of our fellow Humans from Hunger, at least for 1-day.

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