The “Child-Marriage” Issue: I’d rather call it Youth-Marriage:


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Author’s Note:
Has anyone ever noticed that when it comes to the issue of “Child-Marriage”, only the Western-World uses the term “Child”? There’s a very important reason for this: they want people to get accustom to people always assuming that Men are marrying girls, under the age of Puberty, which is utterly perverse, in nature. This is exactly what happens, when one has the power over Language: when one controls Language, they can control how people interpret Law, Life, etc. However, in the Western-World, the issue of “Child-Marriage” has only recently become an issue, relative to the pathological rise & growth of Feminism, which has always (both historically & contemporarily) proves to be not only very biased/1-sided but also extremely hypocritical.(To learn more about Feminsim:

1. Firstly, Islamically, the definition of a “Child” is one whom has not yet reached Balaghah/Puberty.(Abu-Dawud, Lisan-ul-`Arab: Lexicon of the Arabic-Language)

2. Secondly, when it comes to marriages, if there is a situation, where there is an arranged marriage-agreement between families, tribes (which is respectively very different than Forced-Marriages, “Kidnap-Marriages”, etc.), and the like, takes place before both the potential bridegroom & bride, or even if just the bridegroom or bride whom is under the age of Balaghah, then their is a period of time in which there is a respective waiting-period, which is supervised by the families, until the marrying parties are both old enough to either say yes or no and/or consummate their respective marriage.(Malik)

3. The most-famous example is that of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), in which after Allah had ordained that he marry `A’ishah (May Allah be pleased with her), the daughter of Abi-Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him): she remained with her own respective family, until it was confirmed that she had reached Balaghah. And, the reason why this is so important is because, Islamically, it is Mahrum to have any sexual-contact with any Human being, whom has not reached Balaghah.(al-Bukhari)

4. This is very crucial to know, as Muslims, because this is one of the most-slanderous insults which ignorant Muslims, and Islamophobes, generally attribute to Muhammad : Child-Molestation via marrying `Ai’shah at age 9, even though, ironically, not even his own religious-enemies, during his own lifetime, the Pagan-Arabs, ever accused him of something so disgusting as Child-Molestation, and they had accused him of some pretty ugly things.

5. It’s really ironic that most people who advocate that young-people don’t marry young argue about the health-risks of getting married young…well:

a. What about the health-risks of casual-sex, enjoyed by so many, whom are unmarried all across the Globe?

b. What about the health-risks of Homosexual-Sex (particularly/especially Male-on-Male/Anal-Sex)?

6. Although it is true that early-marriage does disrupt education, but, there are a lot more things which disrupt education as well, like:

a. Economic-Exploitation, which the Western-World enjoys, because, we just love fancy clothes & techno-savvy phones, made by workers whom would probably never get the chance to own anything which they make, for Western-World/Global markets, even if they saved every penny of their earnings for an entire year.

b. Wars in these same places where Youth-Marriages take place, as a result of the insatiable pathological craving for influence, power, control over the planet’s resources, all in the covert name/facade of Freedom/Democracy.

c. Educational-Exploitation, as a direct result of ruined infrastructure of these same nations, which the Western-World has invaded and turned upside-down via military, economic, political, and social destruction.

So, in conclusion, this issue is an open-shut-case: the issue of Youth-Marriage is just not what the Western-World vilifies it to be.

Gareth Bryant/2013

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  1. jazakAllahu khair. never thought about how even the mushrikin of mecca and enemies of Islam didnt attribute that trait to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. barakAllahu feek

  2. Great topic of discussion. Find out what the shuyookh have to say about this and many other issues at Foundation for Knowledge and Development’s upcoming conference titled, “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Love and Romance Done Right” taking place on Sat & Sun, Nov 30th & Dec 1, 2013 from 10am-8pm at 90-20 191st Street, Hollis, NY 11423

  3. Firstly, not all Muslims follow the remarks of Abu-Dawud in Lisan-ul-`Arab, his work has no religious authority what so ever, and only Arabs who are a MINORITY in Islam value his work. And of course there’s no mention of such thing in the Quran. Find better sources brother. And second, your historical knowledge & ability of Ijtihad is so poor that I don’t even want to comment on that, cuz extremists like you love to to be noticed. I hope Allah opens your eyes so you can be more humble, cuz your knowledge is poor and only Allah knows everything. Until the day you confess that “I don’t know anything” you are not a Muslim. I believe you are far away from the most important message of Islam which is that there is a God and YOU are not him!

    • Who do you think you are, you pompous, online-critic, of condemning someone to Kufr/Blasphemy, just because they write something that you disagree with, who lacks humility, now?!!! You certainly do, for even assuming that because I’ve written something that ruffles your feathers, to accuse me of not being a Muslim. For the record, I became a Muslim, on my own accord, truly believing in the Tawhid/Oneness of Allah. Now, had I even thought, for one instance, that I possessed any sort of Divinity, then why would I even waste my time accepting Islam, in the 1st-place?!!! And, furthermore, anyone who lives, by breathing within the Mundane, is obviously Non-Divine, so, for you to feel that it’s necessary for you to even say, ” I believe you are far away from the most important message of Islam which is that there is a God and YOU are not him!”, makes you look really dumb. You are very arrogant, indeed…#HumilityFail

  4. And, just so you know: Abu-Dawud is a very highly-regarded, trustworthy Hadith-Collection, and Lisan-ul-`Arab is a lexicon of the Arabic-Language, the lexicon of the Arabic-Language (authored Muhammad ibn-Manzhur), which is widely-respected as a valid linguistic & religious reference, for any/all sectarian-groups.. They are not they same. Also, Abu-Dawud wasn’t (culturally) `Arab. In fact, he wasn’t even born within the confines of the Arabian-Peninsula. He was (culturally) Persian. And, even if he were (culturally) `Arab, so what? No one has any ethno-cultural monopoly over the knowledge of Islam.

  5. According to widely accepted accounts, Prophet Muhammed , married Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), when she was six. The marriage was consummated three years later.

    It is interesting to note however, that Ibn Ishaq, the most authoritative historian of the life of the Prophet Muhammed , mentioned the names of Aisha and, her sister, Asma amongst the earliest of people who accepted Islam. The Prophet’s (SAW) marriage with Aisha was consummated (i.e. she moved to his house) three years after the contract/engagement, and this took place in Madina. Since the Meccan period alone was 13 years, it is much more likely that the contract took place at the age of 16 and that the marriage was consummated at the age of 19. Whether or not this is true, it is an interesting point to note.

    Acceptability in certain practices varies across culture and across time. Even in America there was a time when there were no laws restricting the age of marriage, and some were married at the age of 12 or 13. States, then, started to limit the age of marriage to 14 and, in some states, 16. All such practices and related law are tied to the socio-cultural practices of the time and place.

    Stop justifying child marriages

    – TisOsama on twitter

    • All of what you’ve mentioned are false: I’m not justifying “Child-Marriages”, I’m justifying what Islam justifies, which is Youth-Marraiges, something that even Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the greatest from among the creation of Allah, did. Now, I’ll ask you this question, again: Was Muhammad a Child-Molestor and/or Rapist? “Yes” or “No” answer…I’ll wait for your answer.

  6. there are so many things wrong with this, i don’t know where to start. however, it is just wrong to force young girls to marry older men. to dismiss the damage young girls suffer physically and psychologically from forced marriage, and to accuse the Prophet of child marriage where the hadith are so contradictory. if you add up the ahadith, there isn’t any mathematical possibility for that marriage to have occurred at that age.

    these discussions pull us all back into the dark ages. it is at the same level of jurisprudence that justifies the september 11th 2001 attacks, hangs innocent boys in iran as “homosexuals”, stones women who’ve been raped or abused or used. it reminds me of Saudi Arabia where young men in my classes told me that bathing regularly in water is haram because it is jewish. it reminds me of the slavery practiced in the Gulf, enslavement of South Asians. there is no end to the death murder mayhem misogyny racism hate homophobia and self aggrandizing privilege that modern male dominated so-called Islam will stoop to.

    i’ve been studying islam for more than half a century. there doesn’t seem to be any limit to what we are willing to agree to.

    • Firstly, no one said anything about “Forced-Marriage”. I’m making the point about Youth-Marriage, which is not the same as “Forced-Marriage”, mainly because of the fact that people are subjected to Forced-Marriage at various age-demographics. Secondly, these discussions absolutely do not take us back to the Dark-Ages, they actually compel us, as Muslims, to accept Islam for what it truly allows, and disallows, regardless to what our personal, socio-cultural reservations are. Thirdly, You cannot speak ill about Youth-Marriage, without also speaking ill about Muhammad (Peace be upon him), because he actually participated in Youth-Marriage, personally. And, honestly, it doesn’t really even matter whether Muhammad married our Mother, `Ai’shah (May Allah be pleased with her), at 6 & consummated the marriage at 9, married her at 9 & consummated the marriage at 12, or 12 & consummated the marriage at 16…the fact remains that he indulged in a Youth-Marriage, and regardless of her age, most of the Secular, Non-Islamic, Western, World, would dub him a Child-Molester, anyway. So, for us as Muslims to pussy-foot around this issue, and to pretend that this didn’t take place, shows how religiously cowardly & pathetic we are, how we allow Disbelievers, the Enemies of Islam, to mock/ridicule our Prophet, and we mock/ridicule him, as well. Fourthly, there are many, both Muslims & Non-Muslims who dare to equate Youth-Marriage with Child-Rape, Child-Molestation, etc. So, I ask you, just like I’ve asked countless others: If you truly believe that Youth-Marriage is a form of “Rape”, while knowing fully well that Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, indulged in a Youth-Marriage, is Muhammad a “Rapist”?

      I’ll wait for you answer & it’s a very simple “Yes” or “No” answer, as well.

  7. BRYANT! Do you think Muhammad was a Rapist? People are judge according to their actions. If your daughter was 9 years old will you be pleased by her husband making love to her. There are so many risks and damage this your girls experience.

    • Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was a Person of Prophecy…no Person of Prophecy has ever been guilty of any Major-Sins (according to the Islamic definition of Major-Sins), no Person of Prophecy has ever been guilty of any Sexual-Offences (which are by default Major-Sins), during their lifetimes.

      Also, the Opponents of Muhammad during his lifetime had accused him of so many things: a seperator of Tribes & Kinship, a False-Prophet, a Madman, but he had never been accused of being a Rapist, and Rape most definitely existed during his respective lifetime.

      So, why is it that he was never accused of Rape during his own lifetime? #ThinkAboutIt

  8. I understand your stance on this issue. I completely agree with Muhammad (PBUH)’s marriage to Aisha during the circumstances of his time. I’m guessing ‘youth’ marriage was common then. Women also matured from a much younger age. I also want to say that the Prophet did not decide to marry Aisha (R) until he had a dream:

    So, this indicates that this circumstance was special. Aisha (R) was a highly intelligible individual who reported most hadith. if it weren’t for her, to put it simply, Islam would not be the highly developed, backed up religion it is today (If that makes sense, sorry). To add on, Muhammad (PBUH) married his most beloved daughter Fatima (R) at around 18 or 19. This is what our Prophet believed was the ideal age for a woman to marry. He had complete control over this decision.

    I am not faulting the Prophet of having done anything wrong by marrying Aisha (R) given his time and circumstances. Aisha (R) was in the very best of hands with him.

    Now swing back to modern day: women who get married at such a tender age may not have the same mental capacity to handle marriage. They have just started to undergo puberty. And, in modern day, parents who hitch their daughters to guys four times their age are not setting their daughters up for bright futures, more like futures in the kitchen. Back in the Prophet’s day, it was common for women not to have a very prominent role in society. Now, in order for us to live in accord with the West, women must hold a greater role in society. I’m not calling for a new feminist Islam where women would be the leaders of countries or whatever. I’m asking for women to be involved in building their education in Islamic studies, medicine, etc. We need to see more Muslim female inventors and scholars. How would this be possible with young women being married off at such young ages caring for their aging husbands?

    Secondly, can you expect modern-day men to respect a blooming young women (who may lash out once in a while) as the Sahabah (R) and Prophet (PBUH) had?

    yes, a muslim officially becomes an adult when they hit puberty. However, that does not necessarily mean that they have reached maturity.

    I have no intention to defame the Prophet (SAW). He was the ideal husband to Aisha (R). Salaam.

  9. If we are honest with ourselves most of these “youth marriage” are young girls who just hit puberty being married to men twice their age and have no say.

    Most of these girls die at child birth compared to older girls because they were to young to carry the child. Some of them have been physically damaged by pregnancy and childbirth. For example incontinence. As a result of the damage, their husband divorces them. Obviously who wants to stay married to someone that can’t control their bladder. Also there was recently a case with young Yemen sister 10 years old that died after her first sexual intercourse. Of course there were outrage and people calling for change to age of consent/marriage. And there were resistance to that change, largely based on Islamic reasoning. The point im making which you failed to ignore is that just because these young girls hit puberty doesn’t mean they are physically ready for sex and/or childbirth. And we see plenty of examples of that. Pay attention to this:

    Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said: “There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm.”

    Because of this pregnant can choose to not to fast if they fear harm for themselves or their baby. Fact is that marrying straight after puberty isn’t sunnah or fard. All I’m saying is these girls well being should be taking into consideration. If there is a pattern that these girls are suffering as result of early marriages. Why shouldn’t we protect them? Most of these so called marriage is as a result of poverty and no consideration for compatibility. If there were consideration for these girls. They would be married to young men not old men. But the latter has money to give. Btw the money (mahr) is given to the parents. Lol so these girls don’t even see or receive it.

    I believe the prophet pbuh wouldn’t be happy with what’s happening today in some parts of the world. Even umar ra was anger with fathers that gave their daughters away to old men.

    I believe there’s would be in depth discussion about this without people being defensive. All points about the risks to these girls shouldn’t be dismissed because faults west has. For the sake of these girls we owe to them to look at situation and improve it if we can. I don’t mean to offend you. Please forgive me if I did.

    • I respect your viewpoint, and have given insight into a lot of social-realities. My whole point of this article, however, is to highlight the fact that we live in secular-societies that condone Non-Marital Sex, as opposed to Youth-Marriage. We live in nations where there’s no age-limit on fornication, but there’s age limits on Marriage…you get my point?

      Also, even though there are legitimate health-risks in 3rd-World nations, in regards to marrying too young, that same logical-argument should be applied when it comes to People having no-holds-barred Non-Marital Sex, at the same exact ages as those who get married within the 3rd-World. I mean, just look at the United States alone: there’s more Young-Women who have babies as a result of Non-Marital Sex than Young-Women in a country like Yemen getting married; there’s higher Teenage-Pregnancy rates in the Western-World then there are Youth-Marriage rates in the Eastern-World, and those Teenage-Pregnancy rates are drastically rising.

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