Wow…This is very dark & deep!!! I wish that I had written this!!! Now, this is #Poetry:


As I approach the barrier of my friend's guarded frame, the displeasure of his countenance haunts me yet again and I am weary whilst my body sways in hesitance and the morose uncertainty I cannot contain yet he counts upon me during this hour and has not confessed his deviant game during the course of his leading me into his darkened parlor, I have no control over his plan, no manner to deny, unless, as it is in my nature, would say I that this needs cease, however his demeanor, though the inherent greyest affect, is far from the same this is not my friend, or not anymore as I stepped upon the bloodied floor and I saw what he had done, now asking for my aid, and I must oblige to avoid disdain if only to be trusted and released with the intention of help to later seek and…

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  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, and the compliment. I’m honored that you’d include my poem on your blog that has such powerful and impacting information. Thanks Gareth! -Sage

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