Lets welcome new Practicing Muslims and Nit Pick!


Neghena Hamidi


Let’s nit pick the new hijabis and beard wearers shall we. One thing we begin to forget as we become more practicing is matching our adab with our appearance. Matching our knowledge with our behavior. Matching our tongue with our heart. And matching our worship to the One and Only to the sincerity we give off to our family and friends.  As soon as we pray five times a day or wear the hijab or grow a beard and throw on that thobe we feel as if it is okay for us to pass judgement on individuals who SEEM less practicing or have entered the religion after some struggle. Unfortunately this is such a negative trend in our Ummah today because it prevents others from reaching their Islamic potential.  My advice to my dear brothers and sisters, stop nit picking the new hijabis, the Muslims who are looking into their…

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