I am the Pursuant-Panther!!!


Jaguar pic

As I swiftly sprint, through my Jungle domain, all pause, as though they’re on my hit-list.
They are in awe of my strength, my colorful-coat, my sharp-claws, my paws, mighty-fists.

I’m the only one of my kind, I am the King of the Amazon.
All I have to do is roar and everyone in the Jungle is gone.

But, it’s so lonely, at  the top; it’s like I have no one to share my beautiful-world with.
It’s like I’m without family or friends…it feels like I am always alone: no kin, & no kith.

I love to be around others, to play, not just to hunt and kill.
I just wanna know how it feels to be part of something real.

When I am present, others are deathly afraid.
I’m just anxious to get along, to have it made.

I wish simply to live, and enjoy the good-life, with every Jungle neighbor.
I want them to know that me being a Jaguar doesn’t define my behavior.

What I pursue is more than just a fresh-kill: I pursue community.
I desire to be one with my entire environment: I only seek unity.

I search for love & understanding.
Honestly, is this too demanding?

Gareth Bryant/2013


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