Sri Lankan government bans anti-pollution protests


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This video from Sri Lanka is called Weliweriya residents explain how calls for water ended in cries for life.

By Rohantha De Silva in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lankan government bans protests over clean water

17 October 2013

Sri Lankan police obtained a court order last Sunday banning demonstrations, processions and public gatherings of more than five people in Weliweriya and Malwathu-Hiripitiya, north of Colombo. This blatant attack on democratic rights represents a bid by the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse to prevent protests by local people demanding the removal of a glove-making factory that is suspected of contaminating water in the area.

The immediate reason for the court order was to stop a vehicle procession organised last Sunday against the planned re-opening of the Venigros Dipped Products facility in Weliweriya. The plant has remained closed since early August due to strong opposition by residents, who say its emissions pollute the…

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