Seen At 11: Are Illegal Guns Being Sold In Your Neighborhood?


Interesting…But, first, before we start talking about illegal-guns, we need to start talking about how/why Arms-Dealing is one of the top-3 industries in the World & how the U.S. is known for arms-dealing with nations like Iran (

CBS New York

[worldnow id=9356788 width=420 height=266 type=video]

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Quiet, upscale communities are some of the last places that you would expect to find criminals selling illegal guns. But, recent investigations have found that gun deals have gone down in some of New York’s nicest neighborhoods.

“It’s horrible to have to think that someone is selling guns on these corners while we have these little kids running around here,” Billy Vellios recently told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Criminals have been selling guns out in the open and residents had no idea.

“Not on the corner of East Third and Avenue Q, where there’s nice houses that sell for upwards of a million dollars,” a resident named “Esther” said.

There is no denying it. In a suburban neighborhood in Midwood at least one criminal tried to sell a loaded 9-millimeter to undercover police officers while residents went about their day unaware.

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