The Reality of Breaking-Up with Someone:


Regardless to how difficult it may be, when you are with someone & it’s not going anywhere, it’s time to let go & move on: some relationships just can’t be fixed & some people just shouldn’t be together…And, that’s OK…that’s Life. We all should/must come to terms with the reality that just because we want to be with someone doesn’t mean that we belong with that person and that some people are just not in relationships for the same reasons: some people get into relationships just to pass the time, or to escape the realities of their own conditions…then there are those who sincerely want to do good by others, but are never appreciated. With that being said, when it’s finally time to call it quits, don’t cry about it, because a person who just wants to be with you on their terms, or who doesn’t appreciate what you’ve done for them, or who only wants you for what you can give them, isn’t worth your love, concern, time, energy, resources, and they are not worth you missing them & they’re not worth your tears…#NoRegrets

Gareth Bryant/2013


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