| Hypocrite Kerry wants EU funding despite illegal Israeli annexation!


It’s so ironic that Israel is getting a free-hand to do some of the exact same things which the Fascists & Nazis of World-War II era Germany, Italy & Japan, were & still are condemned for.

| truthaholics

Kerry asks EU to put off funding ban in Israeli-occupied territories ~ RT.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has urged the European Union to postpone a planned ban on EU financial assistance to Israeli organizations in the occupied Palestinian territories, an undisclosed US official told Reuters. According to the source, the EU foreign ministers, who met with Kerry in Vilnius, Lithuania, have shown “openness to considering” the request. The EU imposed restrictions on financial aid this July due to its frustration over the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in territories, captured by Israeli forces in the 1967 Middle East War.


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