I am the Monster under the Bed!!!



When the Sun drops down & the Night has risen…

…My claws spring-out, my heart cold, eyes crimson.

I always wait for the Twilight…

…it is the best time to strike.

Underneath the beds, of all those whom fear me…

…They know that I’m real, they understand, clearly.

When I attack, it’s as though I’m Lightning…

They can’t even scream, I’m so frightening.

I lurk within the hallways & stairs…

…So afraid of me, they walk in pairs.

As I chase, causing fear, terror, as well as despair…

…I roam, from home to home, I’m a true Nightmare.

As I yell & howl, as if the Moon were full and at its brightest…

…I cause descent people anxiety, me being their trial & test.

And, then, I awake, just before the Dawn breaks…

…I rush to the bathroom, wash my confused face.

Everyday, this occurs, I’m actually my own Monster…

…Every night, this constant image, I’m my own horror.

This is my punishment, for me causing good-people pain…

…For not caring for others, no consequence, only disdain.

It is my fate, to be a living nightmare, that people hate.

It’s what I get for living crooked, as opposed to straight.

Gareth Bryant/2013

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