Muslims Giving Back @the annual Out of the Darkness Overnight Suicide Walk…Part II:


Allah says, in the Qur’an, “As a result of this, We have ordained upon the Children of Israel the following: ‘Whomever kills someone, whom has neither killed anyone, nor has cause Corruption, within the Earth, it’s just as though they’ve killed all of Humanity. Yet, whomever saves them, it’s just as though they’ve saved all of Humanity.’.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.5, V.32)

Every year, within the United States, alone, 1Million people attempt Suicide…out of that Million 40,000 people actually end up dying from their Suicide attempts…

…this needs to stop, and with the help of Muslims Giving Back, it will, by the permission of Allah. But, we @Muslims Giving Back need the help & support of each and every one of you, to aid us in projects like this, to help the other, which is the individual & collect responsibility of each & every single Muslim.

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