The True-Story of an Apostate from Islam to Christianity: How do we as Muslims deal with this issue?


Umar Lee pic

Allah states, in His Noble-Book, “Whomever wills, let him believe; and whomever wills, let him disbelieve.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.18, V.29)

I’ve just found out that Umar Lee, the controversial author of “The Rise And Fall Of The Salafi Movement”, which exposed the fallacies & hypocritical elements of the Saudi/Oil-Rich Arab-States sponsored Salafi-Movement sect, has once committed Riddah/Apostacy…he has left Islam, the Path of Allah, the Path of Allah, the Path of Guidance…He had, during that time, unfortunately, allowed ash-Shaytan/the Devil to corrupt his heart & mind, and also the negative statements & actions of fellow Muslims, via horrible character, to turn his heart away from at-Tawhid/the Oneness of Allah, to ash-Shirk/Association. He has now, via a YouTube video, converted to Christianity, claiming that worshipping a man, a Prophet, a Messenger, al-Masih/the Christ, Jesus, the Son of Mary (Peace be upon him), whom never, ever called people to worship him, is the “Son of God” & the key to Salvation…He was so wrong about that, for so many reasons, and I’ll only pick one of those reasons: According to the Bible/Chritstian-Theology, Jesus was nailed to a cross, bleeding, dying, and utterly helpless. Now, if you’re looking for true-salvation, are you really gonna turn to someone whom is falsely-depicted as not even able to save himself from torture & death?!!! If I’m placing my soul on the line, looking for guidance, I think it’s probably not a good idea to wager on someone whom couldn’t even prevent others from harming him, especially if that person were to claim any type of divinity. But, fortunately, Jesus never called people to worship him, nor did he ever die on a cross, claiming to be able to deliver others from Hell, when he couldn’t even deliver himself from death.

I was truly saddened, by his poor choice, to leave Tawhid & accept Shirk. It is obvious that he had allowed the negative actions of Muslims, to cloud his better-judgement, and leave Truth, in exchange for Falsehood. And, let this be a serious-lesson for Muslims: we all must learn from this…Even though there is no valid-reason to leave Islam, we, as Muslims, can never, must never, allow ourselves to be the reasons which people use to leave Islam.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has said, “The Muslim is one who protects other Muslims (other people generally as well), from his statements & actions.”.(an-Nawawi) Now, the fact that this Apostate can pull-out so many examples of the open flaws of Muslims actually speak a lot of sad amounts of volumes. This actually reminds me of when I had first reverted to Islam: I had known a member of my former Church-Community, for years, whom was constantly attempting to pull me back into Christendom, and although, ignorant as I was, when I first became a Muslim, Allah, the Creator/Lord of the Universe, had still chosen to protect my mind & heart, from the evil of his lies & deception-It was very obvious that this person was inspired by ash-Shaytan, in a devious attempt to pull me away from Tawhid, and her’s the proof: I remember one day, this guy & myself were talkin’, he was it as usual, with his lame antics about how Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) was both god & man, and all that jazz, even though, in the beginning of the Book of Matthew, where it states the lineage of Jesus, “God” isn’t mentioned, anywhere, in the bloodline of Jesus. Also, there are several individuals mentioned in the Bible itself,as being the “Son of God”, whom are not even Jesus…Let’s name some of them: There’s Adam, the Father of the Human-Race (Peace be upon him), mentioned as being the “Son of God” in the Book of Luke; then, there’s Jacob/Israel (Peace be upon him), whom is not only mentioned as the”Son of God, but also mentioned as “My first born”, in the Book of Exodus; finally there’s David & Solomon (Peace be upon both of them), mentioned separately as the “Son of God”, in the Book of Chronicles I. So…why…oh why…is this the case, if Jesus is both god & man, and/or the “only begotten son of God”?!!! #ThingsThatMakeYaGoHmmm

Then, there’s the kicker: this dude had told me that he was once, himself, a Muslim, and that he had left Islam, to convert to Christianity, for all of the same exact reasons which Umar Lee had decided to. But, he added something different, which I’ve never heard, before or since: This dude said that he had made Hajj/Pilgrimage to al-Makkah, and as he was circulating al-Ka`bah, he saw Jesus…This Nigga said he saw Jesus!!! Oh, and not just saw him, he said that Jesus told him that he was the way & that he was the “Son of God” & all that…This sounds a lil’ Pauline, doesn’t it, I mean, isn’t this the exact the thing that Paul said, while enroute to Damascus, after his many, infamous, notorious, killing-sprees, of the followers of the true teachings of Jesus, which was in fact Tawhid, by virtue fo the fact that Jesus is a Muslim, via his Prophethood, Messengership, and Christhood to boot?!!!

Also, in addition to this, he had also tried to convince me that the name Allah was actually the linguistic male version of the Pagan-Arab Moon-Goddess al-Lat, even though there’s absolutely no linguistic similarities between these two respective words, at all.(Lisan-ul-`Arab/the Language of the Arab [the Lexicon of the Arabic-Language]) Then, there’s also the errononeous claims that Muslims worship al-Ka`bah/The Cube, the cubed-structure, which signifies the first Mosque ever built upon Earth, as well as the fallacy that Muslims worship al-Hajr-al-Aswad/The Black-Stone, one of the jewels of al-Jannah/The Paradise, which fell to Earth, along with our Parents, Adam & Hawwa’/Eve (Peace be upon both of them), after their fall fro grace, as a result of listening to te deception of ash-Shaytan.(Qasas-ul-Anbiya’/ Stories of the Prophets, ibn-Kathir)

Upon this convo with this man, when I was a new Muslim, still (I was roughly about 17 at the time), regardless of the ignorance upon me, fresh from Christianity, Allah had protected me from his lies, ad made my mind & heart firm upon the truth of Islam. So, in conclusion, let us, as Muslims, learn from this sad tale, of a man, who was guided, by his Creator/Lord, but yet was deceived by his own poor opinion of Muslims, with the help of ash-Shaytan, coupled with the negative actions of other Muslims, to use as excuse to leave Truth, in exchange for Falsehood.

So, what do we all, as Muslims, learn from this?

1. This what we are to learn: never expose your negative, to anyone; we must be at our best, at all-times & in all-places, for 2-reasons: one, to exclusively please Allah; two, to be good-examples for others, that they may follow our examples, in positivity, for Allah.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.112, V.3) This story of Umar Lee, as well as the person whom I had mentioned, along with countless others, both famous & non-famous are a true, as well as sad testament to our failure to be the best Human beings which Allah has created. No one should ever use us as excuse to leave Islam: let them make-up any excuse that they want, but let not any of their excuses be our failure to be good Muslims, which Allah requires us to be.

2. Although, on the Day of Standing/Judgement-Day, people like Umar Lee will have no excuses, with Allah, for leaving Islam, out of Allah’s eternal-justice, He will respect these cases, made against Muslims whom they knew and/or came in-contact with, whom were not good-examples for them, ridiculed them, told them they weren’t good-enough Muslims, etc. In spite of the fact that his fate lies with his Lord, if he doesn’t turn back to the truth of Islam, he will still have a valid Hujjah/Indictment against other Muslims whom treated him negatively. And, to be honest, that is one of my worst fears, to be among those whom have a Hujjah against me, as a result of a person using me as an excuse as to why they either didn’t become a Muslim, or didn’t remain a Muslim.

3. I had recently learned that Umar Lee had returned back to Islam. So, with that being said, even if/when someone leaves Islam, for whatever reason, have some hope that Allah, out of His Eternal-Meryc, will allow them to find their way back to Guidance.

My final-word, to my Muslim brethren, is to just, simply, endure what Allah says, concerning to calling people to that which is positive & to what Muhammad had mentioned, concerning protecting people from our negative.

Gareth Bryant/2013


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  1. Umar Lee was always a bit of a kook, he believed the sahabas were violent “thugs” and had racist beliefs. I blame it on the phony Muslims who called themselves “salafi” that corrupted his mind and burned him out. They once told him he’d burn in hell for not having a beard of a certain length.

    I watched his “why” video, he had this “the grass is greener on the other side” belief that was ridiculous. If he thinks Christians are less racist than Muslims, he’s in for a rude awakening. Sunday is the most segregated day in America. He claims that Christians are better practicing of faith, which is a joke when >70% of Americans have sex before marriage.

    I pray he sees the truth and comes back.

    • Assalamu alaikum

      It has always been obvious to me that Umar was in it to be part of a movement. For you to blame for the “Rise and Fall of Umar Lee” is not correct. I have seen people like this before. Once the “movement” aspect of their conversion ends, they move on the something else. He himself claims in his “Rise and Fall of the Salafi Movement” post that involvement with Islam initially was based upon a desire to be part of a “movement.” In his latest posts, he is defending Bashar Al-Assad and claiming that pluralism is what is more important than Islam.

  2. Islam in not in need of you. You are in need of Islam. Allah guides Whom he wills. I guess your not among the Chosen, Honored, Blessed Whom Allah Guided to Islam. Never thought I’d agree with Dauad Adib on anything, but I guess he had you pegged correctly. Enjoy the Ex Disgruntled Muslim Media spotlight, maybe you make enough money to buy 2 Cabs. Who could have guessed it, Umar Lee Undercover Fake Muslim Brother gathering Data for his Islam Exposed Book, available soon in paperback everywhere.

    • Abu Ahmad

      I agree with you 100%. Islam is for the long haul. You to criticize Daoud Adib or others, but once you take on the din or true understanding of the din (i.e., as the Salaf understood it) you are in deep water and the flood will overcome you. This din is preserved. All of those Muslims who are rejoicing over his “Rise and Fall of the Salafi Movement” article are now feeling pretty stupid. Your poster boy has now left Islam. We all need to fear Allah and turn back to Him constantly and remember that Allah is in control of the hearts.

  3. Assalamu alaikum

    It has always been obvious to me that Umar was in it to be part of a movement. For you to blame for the “Rise and Fall of Umar Lee” is not correct. I have seen people like this before. Once the “movement” aspect of their conversion ends, they move on the something else. He himself claims in his “Rise and Fall of the Salafi Movement” post that involvement with Islam initially was based upon a desire to be part of a “movement.” In his latest posts, he is defending Bashar Al-Assad and claiming that pluralism is what is more important than Islam.

  4. As-Salaam Alaikum. brother it is quite clear that he never actually understood Tawheed or its layers. Being exposed to the the actions of Muslims who are ignorrant and or harsh with their fellow brothers is not an excuse to apostate, not one single bit. MUSLIMS the world over are good and back, heck even dogs can be good and bad, but you wont see a dog purring like a cat.

    He never understood the deen in the first place at all and that is clearly evident. If you talk abiut the salafi movement then I myself used ti be rigidly part of that movement for nearly 15 years yet when I left them I didnt apostate. It totally unfair to blame salafis for his apostating, that is just plain ignorance.

  5. And [remember] when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease said, “Allah and His Messenger did not promise us anything more than delusion” (Al-Ahzab 33/12). Did Umar Lee not utter the same exact statement? From Ihkwani to Salafi to Asharee to Sufi to ʿAlawīyyah to murtid.

  6. Subhanallah, may Allaah guide him bk to islaam cos its so sad and may He protect us frm shaitan. ameen

  7. Umar Lee has now removed his video from youtube and is possibly returning to Islam, may allah guide him and make him among the sincere believers ameen

  8. As salamu alaikum,
    I will just add that when people accept Islam on an emotional basis without knowing the evidences that validates the deen, then they can easily leave the deen on another emotional basis. I doubt this person accepted Islam on the intellectual basis.

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