Some really funny & unexpected Anecdotes:


Tarek Elsharawy pic
Author’s note:
I usually, typically, don’t have many comedic guest-writing on my writing page. But, this particular piece, by Tarek Elsharawy, has had me in stitches. I enjoyed reading his anecdotes…I’m even happier to being able to share his anecdotes, with the rest of you.

1. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks “Has the bus come yet?”…and, I’m like “If the bus came, would I still be here?!!!”.

2.  When people say “life is short”…and, I’m like “Nahhhhhhh…you don’t say?!!!”.

3.  When your brothers see you’re sleeping and ask “Are you asleep?”, yet, I’m like “No, I’m not!!!”.

4. When your friends sew doing homework and ask what are you doing? (I’m makin’ a  pie what do you think!!!!!).

5.  A jar of peanuts says “may contain nuts” (You don’t say?!!!).

6.  A loaf of bread that says “may contain wheat and soy”. (What else is is it supposed to be in it peppers?!!!).

7.  on a can of condensed milk says do not heat can in microwave (Why thats the best way to ruin your microwave!).

8.   A bag of pasta says “may contain wheat” (So…what does it not have?!!!).

9.  On your coffee lid says caution hot! (I’m like “You don’t say!!!”).

10. A  bottle of milk that says “may contain milk” (Really…You don’t say…I thought it was apple juice).

11. A bag of almonds that says “may contain almonds” (Really?!!!).

12. When you get a test back, and everyone asks you what did you got (I’m like “None of your business!!!”).

13. When you get a 98 on your test, and your mom asked what happened to the other 2-points (I’m like really 2-points?!!!).

14. when u  ask ur parents for money u gave them and they say they used (I’m like “what?!!!”).

Tarek Elsharawy/2013


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