I’m Waiting to Uncover You!!!


Now, do not think of me ill-intentioned.
It is not at all what you have perceived.

I’ve just wanted to knock-down all barriers between us.
Me getting closer to you, to have you with me is a must.

I want to uncover your distrust, to make you blissful in my presence.
It’s so important that I grasp you in my arms, to enjoy your essence.

I want you to feel free, for me to see you vulnerable.
My hope is that your heart again become permeable.

What I want you to have is solace, comfort, protected from malice.
I want you to feel that you’re in Wonder Land & that you’re Alice.

Let not shields or walls be between us, only our affection towards us reaching the same destination.
We should trust one another, be friends before lovers & help each other, to avoid utter destruction.

What I have to offer cannot be done, unless you’re willing place your guard down.

Gareth Bryant/2013


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