Arise with Chirps:


Erik Leon pic

God is Great, God is Great…

The first beginning sounds that a person with faith
Listens to…
In the summer, the birds chant prayers with you
Although they may speak another language

But they answer to the call, God willing, when the Mu’athan calls out “Come to Pray, Come to Pray…”
“…Come to success, come to success…”

Alas, although your fellow species may not be behind you, in front of you, or beside you…
The wings of many feathers agree to your announcement
They have seen far and wide, the world we think so narrow when we think in our minds, inside
Yet, the wild wings have seen every single horizon between Everyone…You, and I

For that one reason, could be a ‘one’ reason..That we end our Call repetitively
“God is Great, God is Great. There is no god but God”
How true, Mu’athan.
How true, Oh Allah!
Subahanallah! May the creations bow down before the Creator, for we all struggle for the attitudes

Of effort! Of pride! Of dignity!
…to get up for the morning prayer
…while the birds wait in the air

Erik Leon/2013


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