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  1. I have known Cheryl and Dyson for several years now, and completely disagree with your entire syllogism. Dyson is a delightful young man. Cheryl and her husband are dedicated and attentive parents who give their children positive role models. They are both devoted to raising well behaved children who are unafraid to express themselves as individuals. Because it is different than you think it should be does not by definition make them wrong. You speak based on what you may have seen through the media. I speak based on the time I have spent in their home and in public. Based on the time that my daughter has spent with the Kilodavis children. The hatred espoused by the literati and the politically free is sad. Given all of that freedom, one would think that time could be better used to do good instead of spouting hate.

  2. I’m not spouting any hatred towards anyone. Dyson’s parents have made it there choice to have their child’s innocence exploited & gender-identity compromised, for fame & profit. And, I also have the choice to tell them, everyone else whom may think that this is okay, that this is not at all okay. Now, whether you like what I have to say is your business & your issue, not mine. I’m going to say what needs to be said, regardless to whomever deems it good or not.

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