Princess-Boy: The Pual-Product of Jinn-Influence/Possession & Horrible-Parenting!!!


Dyson Kilodavis pic

Author’s note:

Sadly, this Concept, “Princess-Boy”, is just another Desperate-Attempt to push the Pro-Homosexual Agenda, through indoctrinating our Children, our Youth, into accepting this Deviant Sexual-Lifestyle. And, the Irony is that this Propagation for a Lifestyle that People claim Certain-People are “Born that Way”, is being shoved down the Throats of our Society (Lady Gaga’s Song “Born This Way” is clearly yet another Pro-Homo Anthem, not unlike Dianna Ross’ Famous Disco-Era Hit “I’m Coming Out”). Now, if Homosexuality is so “Natural/Normal”, then, why is the necessity to push this Agenda so fiercely done, to force our Global-Society to accept this Lifestyle, as something to be deemed valid? If it were, in fact, a “Valid-Lifestyle, from the Jump, it would be something that wouldn’t have to be imposed upon others. Heterosexualty is as Natural as Breathing; yet, you don’t have people who are trying to force others to be Heterosexual, because Heterosexuality is something innately from the Nature in which Allah: the Creator/Lord of the Universe, has instilled within us from Birth.

I’m gonna start this off with the Horrible-Parenting Aspect, first:

The Concept of the “Princess-Boy” the Euphemism for “Homo-In-Training”-

This Emasculating-Concept was ironically incepted by the Mother of the “Princess-Boy”: Cheryl Kilodavis-The boy in question, the 1st-Victim/Casualty of this new “War On Heterosexuality”, is named Dyson Kilodavis. He had initially started to show an Affinity to wear Girls-Clothing. Now, instead of correcting her own Son, by teaching him, educating him, etc. that he’s not a Girl, but, rather a Boy-She not only encouraged it, but still encourages it, made a Book about how she encourages her Son to wear: Dresses, Skirts, and is now considered a “Champion” for “Children’s-Individuality” & is interviewed all over, gettin’ her Pockets fat, via Interview-Appearances & Book-Sales. Basically, she’s willing to ruin her own Child, whom Allah had blessed her with, whom she carried for 9-Months & could’ve died as a result of Labor/giving Birth, all to just confuse & exploit him for the Money, the Power, the Fame…what a FAIL. She’s basically, willingly, sell her own Soul, as well as the Soul of her own Child, to ash-Shaytān/Satan, to be used as one of his Minions, to push this Deceptive/Pathological-Agenda, to push Mankind further away from the Path of Allah & closer to the path to Hell.

Let’s now talk about this Boy’s “Father”-

What type of Father actually condones their own Child, particularly their own Son, to be paraded & exploited like this? It’s bad enough that the Child is being encouraged to depart from his Nature, from a Fashion-Perspective; but, at the same time, you’re trying to gain Glory, Acceptance, and Profit, from this as well. Honestly, this is down-right Shameless. Some-People just don’t deserve to have Offspring: there’s a Difference between being someone’s Father/Mother & being their Parent. Anyone whom allows their Children to go against their Nature are Perfect-Examples of that Fact. This is in no Way the Child’s-Fault: I do not, by any Means, place any Blame upon this Child and/or Children like him…I exclusively blame his Father&Mother. Parents are to raise Children in the Proper-Way, that they should go, in this World, not to exploit them, to gain Fame&Riches, all in the Name of encouraging them to be “Outgoing”, or “Individualistic”, or “Different”. There are many, as well as other Ways to ensure that Dyson can express his Difference/Individuality, without exploiting him and/or encouraging him to turn his Back upon the Nature in which Allah has naturally placed him upon.

This Scenario, alone, reveals so many different Writings-On-The-Walls. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has taught us the following, “No one is born, except upon al-Fitrah/Nature (Religio-Nature: recognizing & accepting the Existence/Oneness of Allah, Sexual-Nature: being exclusively Heterosexual, Civil-Nature: being Peaceful/Law-Abiding Individuals, etc.). However, their Parents (also Environments, Peers, etc.) make them either Jews, Christians, or Fire-Worshippers (as well as Homosexuals, Sexual-Deviants, Criminals, etc.).”.(an-Nawawī) Don’t get me wrong: we all have the Power of Choice, via Freewill, given to us, by Allah, and as such, are Responsible for our own Actions, after the age of Puberty (the Period in which Allah commands the two Angels [assigned to every Human from Birth to Death] to record all of their either Positive/Negative-Actions).(Abū-Dāwud, ibn-Mājah) However, at the same time, that’s why we have Parents. Parents exist to show us the Right-Way, to educate us, protect us & shelter us from Evil, not to expose us to it, for Fame and/or Profit.

Jinn-Influence/Possession: It’s deeper than a Dress-

I would now like to begin speaking about a Hidden-Force (other than overtly Horrible-Parenting, Greed, Ambition, etc.), which would/could drive an Innocent-Person to turn away from their Prescribed-Nature, endowed to them by Allah. This Hidden-Force is called at-Tajnīn (Jinn-Influence/Possession). No, I’m not at all referring to some Hollywood-Style Version of “Demon-Possession”. I’m referring to Unseen-Forces, which Allah speaks about in the Qur’ān & that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has spoken about in his Sunnah/Prophetic-Tradition, and I will mention & expound upon some Examples.

ash-Shaytān/Satan & ash-Shayātīn/Satanists-

Satan, known in the Arabic-Language as ash-Shaytan/The Evil-One (Lisan-ul-`Arab: Lexicon of the Arabic-Language, by Muhammad ibn-Manzhur), is from a Creation of Allah, known as the al-Jinn/Fire-Beings. The word al-Jinn is from the word Janna, meaning “to be unseen/invisible”.(Lisān-ul-`Arab) The Jinn are very similar to Humans, by virtue of the Fact that both the Human & Jinn possess al-Mashī’ah/Freewill (the granted option to either serve Allah or not freely), unlike the other Elements of Creation whom have no Freewill.(Noble Qur’ān: Chpt.51, V.56) The Jinn were created from Smokeless-Fire.(Noble Qur’ān: Chpt.55, V.15) After being evicted from the Paradise, as a result of refusing to prostrate to Adam, which was a Direct-Command from Allah, indicating that the Human-being is the Supreme-Being, amongst the Beings/Creation of Allah (Noble Qur’ān: Chpt.2, V.30-34)-Satan had made an Oath to Allah, that he would use every Capability, that is at his Disposal, to lead Humanity to Destruction: both in the Mundane, as well as in the Hereafter.(Noble Qur’ān: Chpt.7, V.16-18) Moreover, Allah warns against following the Whisper of the Satan, by not changing the Nature of the Creation of Allah.(Noble Qur’ān: Chpt.4, V.119)

So, it should be of no Surprise to anyone, especially not Muslims, when we hear of Children whom are Male claiming that they are “Female”, or Children whom are Female claiming that they are “Male”. Also, we should not be shocked when Girls start behaving like Boys & Boys start behaving like Girls, because this is all the work of Satan. The Satanists work very elusively, dastardly & covertly, in assisting the Satan, to lead people away from the path of Allah, even at the earliest of Ages. In fact, according to the Revelatory-Texts of al-Islam, there is a specific Classification of the Jinn whom specifically/exclusively target & abuse (from the Realm of the Unseen) Women&Children, but more specifically Children. This is because Children are more Innocent/Spiritually-Vulnerable than Grown-Ups. And also due to the Fact that, because they’ve yet to reach al-Balāghah/Puberty (the Period when they’re now Accountable for any/all Positive/Negative-Actions), they are Purer than Grown-Ups. They’re more keen to the Capability to actually see these Jinns & to interact with them. Unfortunately, Most-People, Parents particularly/especially, will most definitely ignore Children if/when they say that they’ve seen Certain-Things, like other Beings unseen to Grown-Ups, and just consider it “Figments” of the “Imagination” of Children. Even the whole “Imaginary-Friend” Concept is something that is inspired directly by Jinn/Human-Children Interactions children.(Angels & Jinns, by Bilal Philips)

Now, I wanna bring it back to the “Parents”-

As Parents, the Number-1 Right that any/all Children have upon their Parents is that they be cultivated, upon al-Islām: Guidance from Allah, via the Qur’ān & the Sunnah.(Minhāj-ul-Muslim/The Methodology of the Muslim, Abū-Bakr Jābir al-Jazā’irī) Also, as Parents: there are Specific-Things which are Islāmically-Obligatory to do, even before the Children are even born, and as an Extension thereof, even before they are conceived. I’ll explain: Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had instructed us to make a Specific-Duā’/Verbal-Prayer, before Sexual-Intercourse, to protect whomever ourselves, our Spouses, whomever is conceived from Sexual-Intercourse with our Spouses, etc. This is to ensure that, with Allah’s-Help, they will be safe/secure from the Harm of Satan & his Satanists.(al-Bukhārī) Now, by virtue of the Fact that People whom’re Non-Muslims do not pronounce this anyway: they automatically put their Unborn-Children at an Enormous-Risk to be harmed by the Influences by Satan & his Satanists. Likewise, Muslims, who do not pronounce this Du`ā’, before Sexual-Intercourse, with their Respective-Spouses, they also, in turn, will also place their Unborn-Children at a Greater-Risk to be harmed by the influences of Satan & the Satanists.

So, in Conclusion, my final wording is just to the Father/Mother of Dyson Kilodavis, as well as other Fathers/Mothers like them, who think that is is “Cute”…reality-check…it’s not Cute!!! You’re ruining your own Children, without Reservation, without Care, all because you just think that you can. Your Children are not your Properties, they are the Properties of Allah. And, as such they have Rights, and as I had already mentioned, their Number-1 Right is to be cultivated upon Positivity via Guidance, which is not what I’m seeing here. So, please, do yourselves & your Children a Big-Favor: repent for your Horrible-Parenting, become Muslims, and turn your Children’s-Lives around, before it is too late.

Gareth Bryant/2012

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  1. While I do not disagree with your position, your argument suffers from somewhat weak logic. The same argument, that if homosexuality were indeed a natural way of life then the gay agenda wouldn’t have to try and push it & force it upon us, could be used to the same effect for racial equality in the early 20th century. For example, if blacks were really equal to whites, then why the necessity to push this agenda so fiercely? To force the global-society to accept this idea?

  2. The reason why the racial inequality is a really bad-example for your point: ethnic-background is not something that we can just choose freely, it’s based exclusively upon imposition-None of us are given the choice as to whether we want to be Black, White, Native-American, Arab, Latino, Southeast-Asian, Pygmy, etc. So, because of that, you can’t use something like the Civil-Rights Movement, which was exclusively geared towards establishing ethnic-equality within the United States, with the Homosexual-Agenda. Moreover, even within the word Sexual-Preference, there’s proof that sexual-identity is based exclusively upon volition; look at the word “preference”; this word, itself, means a choice, something you willingly decide for one’s self.

    Also, one of the proofs against your point, is even from a secular-perspective: Cynthia Nixon, one of the popular character-actresses from the SexAndTheCity franchise, not too long ago, recently announced that she was no longer a Homosexual, that she no longer lives that lifestyle; she spoke out concerning her choice to be a Homosexual, and this caught monumental media-attention. In fact, to the extent that, the LGBT lobby blasted her, and tried to pressure her not to say that “being ‘Gay’ is a ‘choice’.”, and, obviously, the reason why they would try to place pressure upon one of the most famous actresses in the world, right now, from taking a position like that, is simply because it completely shoots down their falsified-propagation that Homosexuality is something biologically-natural. And, that fact that she’s a very popular celebrity, people are going to be prone to take he very seriously, regarding this issue, based upon her personal-experience with being a former Homosexual.

  3. It could be possible that this boy has gender identity issues. There are people born who identify with another gender, and it has nothing to do with the “Devil”, it is simply just a product of hormonal/chemical imbalances and issues with DNA, just like hermaphrodites are. I don’t know of this case but as long as the child is not forced or pressured into behaving how he is, there is no problem here. Your narrow minded Islamic world view forces you to look at everything being black and white, but our world is much more complicated than that. Human sexuality comes in a variety of shades.

    You seem to think that all gay people are straight and then one day wake up and decide to be gay. Where is your scientific evidence of that? You know there are bisexual people who can identify as more straight or more gay, and can go both ways. That doesn’t mean being gay is a choice. How could a straight man, make his penis get hard for other men when it doesn’t do so naturally?

    It is comforting to know that ignorant people like you are a shrinking and disappearing minority in this country, and eventually you will be a tiny fringe group of extremists complaining to each other why the world doesn’t think like you. And the reason why is because you base knowledge on a book from the 7th century while ignoring much of modern science and blasphemy.

    • Well, since you’re an atheist, I’m going to move right past responding to this previous comment of yours, because, the fact that you can deny the existence of a divine-creator, yet believe that Homosexuality is something scientifically/biologically natural is more serious than the current topic-at-hand.

      Firstly, I’ve never viewed anything as “black & white” as you’ve so foolishly presumed. I’ve simply viewed this particular topic based upon right & wrong, thus dictated by Allah, the Lord of the Universe, because it is He who decides what’s right & what’s wrong, what’s pure & what’s filth. And, since Allah is responsible for everything which exists, then, yeah…I’m of the position that He has the right to tell us what to do/not to do, how to live/how not to live.

      Furthermore, chemical-imbalances have absolutely nothing to do with gender, because of the term, itself, “sexual-preference” anything that we inherit, biologically, is outside of our control. But, whom we are attracted to is within our control.

      And, one of the even secular proofs of this are the following: Cynthia Nixon, one of the popular character-actresses from the SexAndTheCity franchise, not too long ago, recently announced that she was no longer a Homosexual, that she no longer lives that lifestyle; she spoke out concerning her choice to be a Homosexual, and this caught monumental media-attention. In fact, to the extent that, the LGBT lobby blasted her, and tried to pressure her not to say that “being ‘Gay’ is a ‘choice’.”, and, obviously, the reason why they would try to place pressure upon one of the most famous actresses in the world, right now, from taking a position like that, is simply because it completely shoots down their falsified-propagation that Homosexuality is something biologically-natural. And, that fact that she’s a very popular celebrity, people are going to be prone to take he very seriously, regarding this issue, based upon her personal-experience with being a former Homosexual.

      • So you are sticking with the theory that all gay people are pretending to be gay. I just don’t see how that makes sense. How can heterosexual men and women, deny their attraction to the opposite gender, and instead only have sex with the same gender? It makes no sense. Furthermore, as I mentioned there are people who are bisexual who can self-identify as straight or gay when they like. There are people who are truly gay who are only attracted to the same sex. Bisexual people give the impression that sexuality is so fluid and can change at any moment, but most people are all about either the opposite sex or the same sex.

        Me personally, I am a heterosexual male, I am aroused by women only, but a particular kind of woman. I’m attracted to fair skinned women almost exclusively, and I cannot get physically aroused by dark skinned women. I can’t say that is a “preference” because I didn’t choose to be attracted to the kind of women that I am, it’s more of an orientation. Preference means that I can simply choose what I like, but I have trouble getting aroused by dark skinned women, so it’s not my choice, it is the way my body sexually responds. That’s not my “preference”. It’s just like how if I cannot digest milk because I’m lactose intolerant, not drinking milk would not be my preference, it would be cause by my nature.

        Gay people are much the same way, they cannot get aroused by the opposite gender, and they did not choose to be this way. The term “preference” is inaccurate and made by people who didn’t know what they were talking about. Don’t assume someone else’s term means it is accurate, it is a misnomer. Just like how we call koala bears, as bears, even though they are not bears. Sexual orientation is the more appropriate term.

        This should be good news to you, because it means you can’t make someone gay. So there won’t be a recruited gay army created to take over the world. Relax.

      • I’m sticking to my general-position, yes. But, you’ve mentioned something that’s very ironically interesting, “I’m attracted to fair skinned women almost exclusively, and I cannot get physically aroused by dark skinned women. I can’t say that is a ‘preference’ because I didn’t choose to be attracted to the kind of women that I am, it’s more of an orientation.”. When I had read this, the very 1st-thing that popped into my mind was self-hate. I’m gonna take a fair assumption that you’re Afro-American, like myself, or at least a person of relative, general, Afro-descent. Now, based upon my assumption, assuming that I’m even correct, concerning your ethnicity, Afro-Americans & peoples of general Afro-descent have been generationally, systematically, indoctrinate with a pathological “self-hate complex”. In other words, we’ve been taught to hate everything about ourselves, ethnically. Even on the African-Continent, itself, you have people who bleach their skin, because they’ve been so negatively affected by the onslaught of self-hate indoctrination, that they are ungrateful for Allah creating them as Africans, and they want to be just like the same people whom are responsible for all of their hardships & oppression, the European colonialists, whom have been exploiting the African-Continent, for the past 1/2-millennium, even in the Caribbean, skin-bleaching is very common among peoples of Afro-descent, it’s called “Browning” in the Caribbean. Even a popular Reggae star, Vybz Kartel, recently bleached his own skin, for the same writing-on-the-wall, silver-lining reasons why you “cannot get physically aroused by dark skinned women”. There’s also the so-called “Kinky” or “Knappy” hair complex, where Black people, particulalry & especially Black women, are indoctrinated to change the natural way that Allah has created their hair, in order to make their hair appear more Euro, just like how their former physical & current psychological oppressors hair looks-Even the wife of the current U.S. President, Michelle Robinson, has been affected by this, she still straightens & processes her hair, just like every other Black woman with a deep-rooted, ethnic, inferiority-complex.

      • You got it all wrong, I’m white. What is your scientific evidence that sexuality is a choice? I mean, how do you explain young children showing signs of acting like the opposite gender, when they are raised in families and cultures that do not promote that activity? How could this “act” of acting like the opposite gender be carried out, throughout a person’s entire life, if it is faked? These people would deserve Oscars for their performance. Furthermore, why would anyone want to fake this anyway, if they are just pretending? To make a point? To rebel? There are much easier ways to rebel than having sex with the same gender and acting like the opposite gender.

        How do you explain the physiological findings on gay people that can’t be faked:

        1. The average size of the INAH-3 in the brains of gay men is approximately the same size as INAH 3 in women, which is significantly smaller, and the cells more densely packed, than in heterosexual men’s brains.

        2. Gay men’s brains respond differently to fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

        3. The amygdala, a region of the brain, is more active in gay men than non-gay men when exposed to sexually arousing material

        4. Finger length ratios between the index and ring fingers may be different between non-gay and lesbian women.

        5. Gay men and lesbians are significantly more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous than non-gay men and women; Simon LeVay argues that because “[h]and preference is observable before birth… [t]he observation of increased non-right-handness in gay people is therefore consistent with the idea that sexual orientation is influenced by prenatal processes,” perhaps heredity.

        6. A study of 50 gay men found 23% had counterclockwise hair whorl, as opposed to 8% in the general population. This may correlate with left-handedness.

        7. Gay men have increased ridge density in the fingerprints on their left thumbs and pinkies.

        If you are a smart individual and want to back up your arguments you will be up to the challenge of finding scientific evidence to contradict what I just told you. One-off stories of Cynthia Nixon saying she likes men and then women, mean nothing. She’s bisexual, which means she can like both. She also is now married to a female partner. Even if one person can fake being gay or straight and switch around, it means nothing to the big picture. Would the finding of a faked Koran alone discredit the Islam? No. It would just be a one-off hoax perpetrated by someone. I know you are smarter than that.

        If you like making large claims, back them up by large evidence, otherwise admit your position is based on faith.

      • I do believe Mike’s being aroused only by fair-skinned women is by choice and has nothing to do with genetics. I, for example, during my early teens always thought I would never marry in the future except a black woman, although I’m white. However, I’ve changed a lot in a matter of 5 years and now only want the whitest of white. I love milk but can’t stand cheese, yet this doesn’t imply I have a gene making me hate specific foods.

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  5. I believe that God created us in his image. We are children of God. Parents should guide, love and help their children to make sound decisions but it is not our duty to try to change what God has created. excellent blog!

  6. I will not pretend to know whether homosexuality is genetic or choice, nature or nurture. I do know that dressing your boy as a girl because the little one showed some interest in girls’ stuff is just wrong. What are these parents thinking? Call it what it is, child curiosity, and move on, Do not think the little one has made some lifestyle choice!

      • I agree. It is not the child’s fault and the child should never be put in that position. Does the child in the picture look happy? That child should be brought up the same as any child should.

  7. Count your blessings brother, you haven’t been cursed with this mental torture of being homosexuality. You have NO idea what its like to live with this torment everyday. I married and failed miserably. I got kicked out of my house because I couldn’t fulfil my wife’s needs. I have not chosen to be like this, I will not live a homosexual life. I have chosen a path of celibacy for myself. Ive cried to the point where my tears became blood. Then the blood dried and there’s nothing left. No emotion, no pain just numbness. I guess you “real men” will never know, for I’m just an outsider. I have a beard. Ido Zikr I pray five times a day I love my faith, but I can’t force myself to like women believe me it’s not as natural as u think it is, just because you haven’t experienced those difficulties. Anyway I wouldn’t even wish this upon my worst enemy. I have accepted this as my test .

    • Allah is not a Tyrant. He does not impose sexual-urges upon His Creation, that He’s actually in fact destroyed an entire Nation of People for manifesting. You guys really have no clue about who Allah truly is. Allah never oppresses His Creation. And, what you’re describing, is, by definition, accusing Allah of being an Oppressor, by “forcing” you to have a sexual-urge that completely goes against the Sunnah/Habitual-Nature of His own Creation.

    • I feel the same way brother. I feel lost and very alone. I want to feel love and have a life partner but due to my urges to men I am going to live a very lonley life. I wish I was normal but then I ask myself what is normal and would I feel this way from such a young age and how can it be wrong. I am I destined to go to hell?
      I know I need help but don’t know where to turn.

  8. I am born muslim my parents have tought me about Islam. I realised very early on that I like men. I have tried to stay away from it all. I can pray and read the Quran. I don’t feel like I am possessed. I don’t have wired dreams. I just don’t see why I will have these feelings if it was so wrong but I know it’s extremely wrong. What should I do? I am born wrong? How do I heal?

    • Firstly: thank you for your candid narrative. Your story is something that I’m taking very seriously. May Allah increase you in Iman/Faith, confidence in His Divine-Providence, patience with His Divine-Decree, and the ability to control/eliminate your urges…Amen.

      Secondly, pertaining to your questions: No, you’re not “born ‘Wrong'”. It would however be a lie, for me to tell you that I can relate to what you’re experiencing, because it’s an experience that I’ve never had. But, no…never think of yourself as any less of a Muslim as anyone else, because, we’re all flawed, sinful, etc. Each of us, as Muslims, fall-short of the Mercy of Allah, and that’s what Repentance is for: an excuse for us to rectify our position with Allah, to run swiftly back to Him in obedience.

      Thirdly, in terms of the Healing-Process, there’s definitely ways to heal. I have one suggestion: firstly, turn to Allah for your healing…secondly, go seek-out Muslim Psychotherapist Professionals, who understand what Islamic-Teachings are, who are sensitive to your plight, and who are Clinical-Professionals. I have a very viable contact for you. His name is Dr. Raymond Brock-Murray. Here’s his contact-info.:…609-385-7381

    • The way you are thinking is so wrong, ALLAH is fair he does not create someone just to go to hell, the fact that you are blaming yourself and praying shows how good of a Muslim you are enduring your situation, also never despair from ALLAH swt, there are so many there are so many things that I know of this topic that might pay your attention to things that you might not be aware of , if you have an email that would be much easier as I am going to talk about very private details here.

  9. Oh God. I don’t know what to say to this.
    The kid shows affinity to feminine stuff. The parents encouraged it. And you condemn them really badly, backing yourself through your narrow-minded world view.
    It is one thing the parents forced it upon the boy. Then THAT should be condemned. If the kid was doing this out of curiosity, then he will stop it after the curiosity or satisfaction wanes off. If he is actually transgender, what is your problem ? I don’t know what you have against transgender.
    You talk about Fitrah.. And then go about DEFINING it. As if you have the authority to say what is included in it & what is not.
    If the kid naturally thinks he is actually a girl, and this perception doesn’t go away at all, then this IS his nature, and you have no right to say the opposite specially when you haven’t been in such people’s shoes.
    Masculinity and femininity are both seen in men and women. There is no such thing as “masculinity only for men” and “femininity only for women”. The prophet Muhammad held nothing against the mukhannatun for their effeminacy.

    Regarding transgender thoughts to be coming from the devil, I cannot say that they don’t because how would I know whether such a thought or feeling is from the devil or from my nature/self ? But I can safely say you have ASSUMED it to be from the devil. And thus, have attempted (unknowingly, I hope) to put transgenders’ lives into more misery.

    Your article is so demanding, at one point, I even bought what you were trying to preach. Thank Allah for rationality. I don’t know, you seem to have good persuading skills, and I wish you good luck in using it for something beneficial to all.

    • This has nothing to do with “Persuasive-Speech”, as you’ve accused me of possessing. This has everything to do with how Allah states that He created Humans. Constantly and consistently within the Qur’an, Allah teaches us that He created us from a “Male & Female”…” the Male is not like the Female”…”the Female is not like the Male”. Allah purposely specified genders for Humans, to complement what each gender doesn’t have. And both from a Psycho-Emotional & Biological perspective: Men & Women aren’t the same. And, because of the fact the dating back to both Adam & Eve (Peace be upon them both): by virtue of the fact that neither of them, nor their original 120-Children (Stories of the Prophets, ibn-Kathir) were Transgender nor did they identify themselves as Transgender, is proif-positive that Transgender is isn’t Humanly-Normal…it’s Humanly-Abnormal.

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