Oppression: What the World needs to be constantly reminded of:


In light of what has recently been happening in Palestine, let’s look at some historical examples of the same type of oppression, that’s just as vile as what we’ve witnessed in the Levant during our very own lifetimes:

1. The Crusades, the Christian invasions of the Muslim-World, during the Middle-Ages (1095-1456 C.E.)

2. The Spanish & Portuguese-Inquisitions (1478-1821 C.E.)

3. Chattel-Enslavement of Africans & Native-Americans, in the Western-Hemisphere (circa. 1500-1900 C.E.)4. The Indian-Removal & Indian-War tactics & policies of the United States, against the Native-Americans of the continental U.S. (circa. 1781-1901 C.E.)5. The Pogroms of Russia (circa. 1881-1919)

6. The Holocaust of Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy, in Europe, as well as North Africa (circa. 1938-1944 C.E.)

7. The occupation of Palestine & the decimation of the Palestinian people (circa. 1947-present).

Now, is it just me, or are these few examples manifestations of some very pathological behavioral-patterns, that have been a recurring theme within our Human-existence; also, isn’t it most ironic that these same atrocities, that have been imposed upon the Jewish people (#’s 5 & 6) are now, at the hands of a Jewish-State government, imposing very similar acts of terror, strife, rape, murder, destruction, robbery, and torture upon the Palestinian people (#7)?

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  1. The biggest massacre in the history of Islam took place just over 1400 years ago in the plains of Kerbala, where the Grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) along with his children, brothers, wife, sisters, friends and companions were killed after being starved without food or water for 3 days in the desert. They were just about 100 of them against the army of 30,000 Yazid forces. You need 30,000 armed soldiers to fight (or suppress) a group of 100? And the one they feared the most Hussein, Abbas, Lady Zainab, Akbar, Kassim and others. A handful of Gods representatives fighting for the truth and justice.

    Imam Al Hussein (AS) and his family were there to make a stand against the tyranny, oppression and injustice of Yazid. To prove to the world that you can win and move mountains by the faith of ALLAH(SWT) when you fight for HIS cause.

    Today 1400 years later, the name Hussein reverberates in the hearts and souls of Muslims and in the history books, The Shrines and Holy Places (In Iraq) are an awe to the world and on the other side, you cannot find a single trace of Yazid, Moaviya and the other corrupt rulers of those times.

    Well they say history repeats itself, and it is. The characters may have changed, the names maybe different but the injustice and cruelty is the same. The time will come when this too will be corrected by the power of the Almighty ALLAH(SWT), when HIS Representative on this earth will appear as the Last Messiah and save mankind once again, as His Great Grand Father Hussein Bin Ali (AS) did in the plains of Kerbala 14 centuries ago.

  2. Jews may generally mention that the Holocaust in any response to being aggressive as a defense. Of course, such an event grants one to be defensive, but considering they have the Iron dome shield to block rockets and they usually kill hundreds of others (mostly civilians) in ratio to singles of theirs they lose the justification of simply defending themselves and instead are conducting senseless murder.

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