My thoughts on the 4th of July:


Author’s Note:

July 4th-Weekend is where people put up their American flags, on their home doors, front lawns, windows, and/or cars & have day-long BBQ’s in their backyards, or go to beaches, celebrating the commemoration of how American Colonists stood against the British Crown & resisted tyranny. I would just like to present this poem, about the reality of fallacy & self-deception, of being patriotic, to a nation, like the United States-Even though she, herself, has felt the sting of tyrannical suppression, has, ironically, been historically known to oppress other peoples & nations, robbing them of independence, freedom, justice, and equality, while portraying to be the torchbearer of independence, liberation, freedom, justice, and equality-Everything from the establishment of the 3/5th Compromise, constitutionalizing the further dehumanization of the African-American, as not even being even Human, rather, only beasts of burden, to the violation of peace & land treaties, made to Native-American nations & tribes, to the Indian Removal Act, to the Fugitive Slave Act, to the Indian-Wars, which further decimated the power, majesty, culture, and population of the once proud & dignified original peoples of the Americas, in North America, to the 1st Red-Scare of the 1920’s, after World-War I, to the internment of Japanese-Americans, during World-War II, to the 2nd Red-Scare of the 1950’s, during the Cold-War era, to the assassination of JFK, which exposed the shadow-rulers & shadow-government of this nation, to the Vietnam-War, and all other unjust military invasions of nations, before & thereafter, to COINTELPRO, to the fallacy of 9-11, in which an entire religious populace has been made the perpetual subject of political, & social religious-profiling, to the Patriot Act, the prelude to the NDAA, and so many examples-Is this a nation truly worthy of your patriotism? You must all ask yourselves this important question!!!

The Pledge of Illusion:

What good is a pledge, when the loyalty is always one-sided?
This pledge of allegiance of the United States is often biased.

The false cloak of “American-Values” has tragically consumed the trust & good-will of many.
When our hands are on our chests, do we think of those oppressed by this nation’s tyranny?

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism, the motivating force being power & racism.

The “Founding-Fathers”  built this nation using free-labor of captives during slavery.
The carnage committed against Native-Americans was deemed as justified savagery.

We forgot about the Black-Codes & Jim-Crow; most of us are oblivious, we really don’t know.
What happened to “Black Wall Street” isn’t found in any school-books that they want to show.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

America wants no one with nuclear-weapons, yet they’re the only ones who ever used them.
Hiroshima & Nagasaki, cities full of civilians, were they ever a threat to America’s freedom?

Vietnam was a country used as a testing-ground for Agent-Orange and Napalm.
The U.S. tried to force Democracy upon them, with the policy of the strong-arm.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

So, the next time that you want to pledge allegiance to the flag, think clearly of the past.
Decide for yourself, whether your loyalty to a regime is valid; do a compare & contrast.

Gareth Bryant/2012

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  1. One of the most narrow minded, vague and incomplete rants I’ve read in awhile. When a nation such as the United States grows into a super-power there will always be growing pains. Your views do little to mention the positive attributes of our great nation and lets us not forget, the entire global infrastructure is based on what the United States does. It is easy to point out the mistakes and growing pains especially when not mentioning the remedies such as the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, etc. No other world super power supports the growth the nationalism and individuality at the same time. You’re examples are short sited and largely mention the acts of a few not the many. Perhaps the biggest point you should take to heart is that only in the United States is a man able to express himself without the fear and limitations on his speech.

    • Yeah, and, this is also the same country where Muslims can be spied upon, at will, unjustifiably, because the lie, known as 9-11. Also, where people like Oliver North, the most corrupt military official, in U.S-History, on record, helped to smuggle drugs, from Nicaragua, to the United States, with the help of the Contras, the political version of MS13, back in the 80’s, got off scott-free. Yet, when low-level street drug-dealers get busted, they get the books thrown at them, this still happens til this very day. And, what about the recent Real Estate market crash, that was orchestrated by Wall St. titans, wanting to catch a fast-break, at the expense of the American people, which they did, with the full consent of the U.S. Congress, to rob the American people, out of $700Billion?

    • Reza,

      I just want to know, how is Brother Gareth’s blog narrow-minded? Maybe, you are forgetting to mention that “Free Speech” is attached. There are laws that prevent Journalists from reporting proper news.

      Did you know that the US is ranked 35th in “Free Speech”? I invite you to do some research before responding.

  2. I hope you’re aware that Muslims aren’t the only people being “spied” upon, and unless you’ve got anything to hide. I wouldn’t be worried about being “spied” on. I am sure because you’ve seen a YouTube video or two it makes you qualified to make the assumption that the government wants to step on your rights. Now that I think about it. You just manage to throw out obscure instances that somehow make you think you have a solid argument. Stick to the original topic and stop adding more fluff.

    • I haven’t added anything less than actual-facts. You call it obscure, while I call it relevant. Also, I’ve mentioned historical examples of other peoples, whom are not even Muslims, whom were severely oppressed at the hands of this government.

    • Jim Sands let we reword some Gareth statements:

      “And, what about the recent Real Estate market crash, that was orchestrated by Wall St. White rich titans, wanting to catch a fast-break, at the expense of the White American people, which they did, with the full consent of the U.S. Congress, to rob the White American people, out of $700Billion?” So yes Jim White America is screwing White poor Americans. Not only Blacks and Native America and any other non Whites.

    • Apparently, you suffer from “White Privilege Syndrome”. It is kind of funny, that people call themselves american and they are okay with “Police State”. Lemme Guess, You’re either work as a Police Officer, or you’re a government Official. Because honestly, all you’re spewing is a bunch of nonsense.

  3. To be quite Frank, i believe you should keep your “thoughts” to yourself and get out of America if you dont like our ways and values!!

    • For your information, I’m a 5th+ generation American, I’ve been here, longer than most immigrants to this land. Personally, I love living in the United States, after all, it is my native land. But, at the same time, I’m no fool, either. Moreover, I refuse to be third-eye-blind to the hypocrisies carried out by our government. And, if you don’t like what I say, you can either: One, stay off of my page. Two, petition the 1st. Amendment, which gives all U.S. citizens the rights to express freedom of speech, religion, and press. Three, just sit back & enjoy whatever I have to say. Basically, you’ve got tons of options. 😉

      • First of all, “he” is a man not a lady. Second of all you are just one of the ignorant people that see a post and has nothing good to say and says something racist. If you have an argument bring some proof and then speak. If not why dont you go back to your stupid life and not be another ignoranr A hole.

    • @shelly Please dont comment on something if you don’t have proof like the first comment from reza islam. Please just get off this post and go back on fb or something. Smh you are just another ignorant person on a post.

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