My thoughts on Summer:


Author’s note:
At the beginning of each season this year (according to the Gregorian-Calendar), I plan to release a poem about each season-I’ve written several poems about the seasons, particularly the four classic temperate seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons represents different stages of existence, in this Material-Existence of ours, which we gradually evolve towards. My goal is to inspire reflection for whomever may read these poems, to strongly reflect upon their own lives, what season of life that they are currently embracing.


It’s the season of Maturity; now, the stage of Accountability.
We are fully developed, like the earthly Foliage & Shrubbery.

We are fully aware of who we are, and what we do.
There are very little surprises, not many things new.

All Fruits are at their highest, ripened peak.
We have attained strength, no longer meek.

There is no limit to our greatness.
We’ve all inherited our destinies.

We use our skills & talents, to the absolute fullest.
Success is attained, through all of our capabilities.

We can conquer all, of what stands in our path.
Our bounties are plenty, no need to do the Math.

This, our seasonal, youthful, Summer of Life.
There is only content, not struggles nor strife.

We are as reckless as the Summer heat, we do not care who we scorch.
Our ambitions are like a white Flame, supported by our egos, its torch.

We are merciless, adventurous, hot, humid, unpredictable, unbearable crude and crass.
Our actions are as relentless as an untamed beast; our speech sharp, as a blade of grass.

We are as free as the Wind; we fly through the Sky, like a winged Horse.
We accept no one’s approval on how to live; we set our very own course.

Gareth Bryant/2009

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