My thoughts on Tabassum Rahman!!!


Author’s Note:
This post is a poem is about a dear friend of mine, Tabassum Rahman, a standing member of New York University’s Islamic Center, as well as a recent NYU graduate this year. To put it plainly, she’s great-She jumps out the window, to be of help & service for other people. And, she never complains about work or shirks her responsibilities. She’s always positive, motivating, and inspiring. This poem is in celebration of her, as my Muslim sister, in Islam, as my friend, and as an A-Class Human being.

Tabassum, the awesome!!!

You truly live up to your name.
Never shady, always the same.

When you smile, it’s like fireworks, in the night sky.

Your great name means joyfulness, in the language of Arabic.
There is only one way that I can fairly describe you: fantastic.

You’re so very pleasant to others, always displaying goodwill.
You’re the last one to complain & you’re the first one to chill.

You do everything for everyone else, never asking why.

Tabassum is from the verb Basama, meaning “to smile”.
Your sense of service & duty is just as long as the Nile.

You’re a great friend to all who know you and trust you.
When you enter a room, you give the old a sense of new.

The thought of you not being around makes me wanna cry.

So subtle is your approach, yet how dynamic your results.
We’ll always keep you in our hearts, our emotional vaults.

It doesn’t matter where you go next, or who you may be.
We’ll all always care, love, and remember you at the IC.

Gareth Bryant/2012

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