My thoughts on both Gil Noble & Mike Wallace:


Both Myron Leon “Mike” Wallace, born 1918 & Gilbert Edward “Gil” Noble, born 1932-Two journalism giants, died literally within two days of one another, Gil dying on April 5thy & Mike dying on April 7th of this year. They both had been in the field of journalism for the past 4 decades. They were pioneers, they were trailblazers, they were controversial, but, more importantly, they were journalists, who made journalism something inspiring, enjoyable & exciting to watch.

Now, I wasn’t a normal kid: I actually loved watching shows like 60 Minutes & Like It Is. This was actually largely due to my mother & father, whom were big fans of both shows. I distinctly remember watching both shows with them. And, these two shows have actually helped me really appreciate the relevance of authentic journalism, even as a lil’ kid.

Ironically, both Mr. Noble & Mr. Wallace had began their independent journalistic careers, not only within the same decade, but also within the exact same year, 1968. Gil Noble had already been in the journalism business, when he had originally been a news reporter for WABC, during the Newark riots of the previous year, 1967. And, Mike Wallace, was no stranger to television either, as he first began as a radio announcer, then as a late-night T.V. host for ABC, before defecting to CBS, to become one of the original members of the 60 Minutes team.

Gil Noble’s show, Like it is, originally co-hosted with Melba Tolliver, but later on taking the helm of this show solo, has aired from 1968 to present. However, his family announced, last year, that Gil would no longer continue to host the show. Mike Wallace was on 60 Minutes, from 1968 to 2008 & made a brief return to in 2008, then officially retired from the show.

Theses two exemplary men have displayed intelligence, integrity, guts, and finesse, both on & off camera. They’ve both been among many, in their respective field of journalism, as being crucially instrumental in providing honest, no-holds barred journalism, geared towards educating Americans & others from all around the world. These two respectively, are from a generation of American journalists never to be seen again. They grew up, evolved & lived through some of the most trying & turbulent eras of American history, and yet, they emerged as being from among the best & brightest minds that America has or ever will produce.

In short, the world will miss them & the world still needs them.

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