My thoughts on Ex-Muslims, who’ve left Islam!!!


Author’s note:
The following post is a poem, directed directly towards Ex-Muslims, like Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ali Sina, Nonie Darwish, Salman Rushdie, Parvin Darabi, Taslima Nasrin and any & all others, whom have decided that they have done people such a favor by leaving Islam. Trust me, you’ve done no one any good, by leaving the Path of Allah, and subsequently, you really haven’t even hurt anyone, by leaving Islam, except your own pathetic selves. You have consciously chosen to abandon the guidance of Islam, just so you can freely be a slave to your desires, as opposed to being a slave to Allah, the Creator of your desires-In fact you all are living manifestations of the verse in the Qur’an, in which Allah says, “And, Allah only leaves the sinfully rebellious misguided.” (Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.26)

To those who wish to profit from apostasy:

This is a warning to…
those who wish to oppress themselves, abandoning & forfeiting guidance from Allah, their true Lord.
those who, instead of choosing Islam, will choose to slit their spiritual wrists, with a poisonous sword.

To the proprietors of lies & deceit…
you will only damn yourselves, in the Hereafter.
you will be the cause of your own utter disaster.

You’re a self-made fail…
because you failed to honor the favor that Allah had given you.
you’d rather chase an illusion than be content with what is true.

The irony is that you thought, that by leaving Islam, that you would hurt the rest of us, who are Muslim.
We’re glad that you’re gone, you were making us weaker; we have no need for losers, we wanna win.

You would rather…
profit by demonizing the way of Allah & slander His Prophet.
leave off the truth, while promoting lies, which are so blatant.

When you do meet Allah after death…
will you be as confident as you are currently, with your decision to turn away from His way?
or be one of those who will regret every lie that they let leave their lips on the standing day?

I know that…
you’ll be of the latter; those who’ve pathetically allowed the Devil to sell you a pipedream.
on that day of days you, and all those like you, will realize that they chose the wrong team.

Do you think that your anti-Islamic book-sales will save you, when you meet your Creator?
What could you possibly say to Him; He has witnessed, personally, your malicious slander.

When the day of judgment comes, it will be too late to say “I’m sorry!!!”.
We must seek the protection of Allah, from this scenario being our story.

Gareth Bryant/2012


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  1. This is too harsh for my liking… No one’s actions should be oversimplified or over rationalized by anyone else… I find some of the things that you said in this piece to be nothing but speculation and assumption, and this could potentially serve as a reason for people to be further driven away from islam, perhaps you should be a little less harsh with your words… Not everyone leaves Islam to hurt Muslims… Some people leave from bad experiences. Though I will say that those who leave Islam do not know Islam in the 1st place and many times people who claim to know Islam preach falseness and injustice and this drives ppl further away. This religion is a merciful, universal one that brings peace and tranquility to the heart of a believer and it brings justice to those around him or her.

      • Also we are a people who does not look down upon people, who are we to judge, that is Allah’s job. May god protect myself and others from being judgmental or arrogant towards one another.

  2. Harsh? Not harsh at all Ahki ! Anyone who talks and lies on our prophet pbuh deserve to hear an earful! Leavin Islam ? Go ahead it’s only to your downfall! Allah says in the Quran that he isn’t in need of any of us! In fact he could destroy a disbelieving people and create people who will worship him! The funny part is people who leave Islam and the. Write books on it think that they stumbled upon something on their own but they forget Allah guides you to and from islam! So to the people who leaves and apostate! I pray Allah leAves me in Islam !

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  4. I’ve always found it interesting that people of almost all major faiths believe for some reason that if someone leaves that something must be done. Why must people stand on soapboxes and condemn others. If Allah is your savor that’s great… I’m not one to judge either way but what do my beliefs or anyone elses have to do with you? Let others walk the path that they want and you walk yours. If that means others will spend all of time in a horrible place after death then so be it. It doesn’t change anything on your end… You can sit up high looking down on everyone else knowing how much better you are and laugh at the people who did wrong.

    The only reason you should get upset is that if by some twist of fate some other religion was the “correct one” or if there is no “god” in the end. Thus you and a large number of other people COULD have possibly (including myself) been wrong and tailed their lives around lies that were fed to us.

    I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong in their beliefs… just that their is no reason to get angry or upset at others for living their lives how they want. (**Note** The only time I see there being a problem is when/if someone elses beliefs hurt or restrict others in some way. ) Remember, there is no “winning” at this game called life. So next time you get upset at others instead of getting red in the face and yelling (that ultimately wont change other peoples minds) you should help your fellow man by volunteering at a soup kitchen or help inner city kids in one way or another… Because at the end of the day we are all human, we all have fathers and mothers, we all have people we care about and it doesn’t matter the god/gods we pray to. The act of kindness to our fellow man is what makes us more then just animals and we can’t forget that.

  5. I somehow thanks Salman Rushdie for his book. Because he was the only & only reason a mass number of people Reverted into Islam. Allah sometime do his work through Satan people 🙂

    • Allah never guides people via the negative works of others. Allah does, however, leave the negative, of some people, as standing examples of what not to believe, how not to live, etc., teaching the rest of us that if we don’t turn to Him for mercy & guidance, we will be just like them. This is how Allah guides people, and, Allah explains how he guides people, in detail, in His book, the Qur’an.

      This same argument is used by some former members of the nation of Islam, claiming, erroneously, that “Had it not been for the ‘Honorable’ Elijah Muhammad, that they wouldn’t have become Muslims, or that mass amounts of Afro-Americans wouldn’t have become Muslims.” This statement, by definition, is, in fact, a statement of Kufr (blasphemy). How in the hell can a false-prophet be the reason that millions of people accept Islam?!!! No, rather, the Islamic position to guidance is always as Allah constantly mentions, in the Qur’an, that it is He, Allah, alone, whom is responsible for turning people’s hearts towards His guidance, and, no created thing can turn any heart, of any created thing, towards guidance & protection from the Fire.

      • If Allah turns people’s hearts towards Islam, then how do those people have free will? And way does Allah focus so much on people in Asia and the Middle-East? Where’s the balance with the other 5 billion people?

        Apostasy is punishable by death in the Hadith, and I’m glad you are not as extreme to condone that (at least I think not).

        What I hate is your notion that leaving Islam makes one a slave to their own desires as if they’d have no control over themselves. Anyone can control their desires in the absence of Islam or any organized religion. If thinking for one’s self and using science and reason to determine what is right and true, is a “pipedream”, then sign me up!

        I’ll take that over dogmatic submission any day.

        I praise those who leave Islam, but unfortunately most go into Christianity, which is just another masochistic ideology of nonsense.

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