My thoughts on Women & Women’s History Month (Part II):


Women are the best!!!

Women are so important to both you and me.
It’s so obvious; yet, we still can’t come to see.

They are our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends & comforters.
Yet, we show no thanks in return for selflessly giving all of themselves.

We depend upon women in so many ways, we don’t even realize.
It’s through them, that Allah has decided to ensure that we survive.

When we are young, frail & weak, they provide us with nutrition.
They give us all that they have, and without any type of hesitation.

They always care for us, setting us on the right path, so we won’t go astray.
But, when it’s time for us care & do for them, we’re so quick to turn away.

We often forget that when we’re at a state of strength, they helped us to get there.
Loving, nurturing & supporting us from birth to manhood, they don’t ever despair.

All that they have, they give; but, we seem to have no concern whether they lived or died.
Allah made them special parts our lives, to be their allies, to stand with them, side by side.

They are so important to all of us because without them, there’s no us.
And, without us there’s no them; so, helping them to improve is a plus.

It is high time to stand & defend women, let them know that we will never abandon them.
We need to view the woman as she truly is, the most valued of our race, our Human gem.

Gareth Bryant/2012


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