My thoughts on Muhammad, the Beloved of Allah (Peace be upon him):


Author’s note:
I purposely chose to release this poem after the Islamic month of Rabi`ul-Awwal, which has just past, because of people celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), during that particular month, which is a religiously innovated practice, which I personally did not want to partake in anyway. However, since this month has passed, I’ve thus decided to release this poem, expressing my thoughts about the last Prophet & Messenger.

Muhammad, the Beloved of Allah:

He is…
…the Mercy to the worlds, sent to be a guide for us, from the punishment of the Fire.

He is…
…the savior of Humanity, teaching us to live in this Dunya according to Allah’s desire.

He was…
…the best husband; always a help to his wives, never treating them bad.

He was…
…the best father; when around his children, always made them feel glad.

He was…
…the best friend that anyone could ever have.

He had…
…such a wonderful smile, an incredible laugh.

He has…
…the most followers anyone could ever wish for.

He has…
…given us the gift of the Qur’an & so much more.

He could have…
…kept the guidance all to himself; but, wanted to share it with others.

He was blessed…
…by Allah, to turn the worst of enemies into sincere, loving brothers.

He will…
…forever be known as the best of all of Allah’s Creation.

He has..
…the best place in Paradise & the most honored station.

He will…
…be the one whom Allah will allow to intercede for other people.

He will…
…be our aid on the Day of Standing, when we are weak and feeble.

Because of the love that Allah has for him, may He shed His mercy upon us.

Gareth Bryant/2012

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