My thoughts on Jeremy Lin AKA Linderella (New York City’s Mandarin Miracle on 34th St.):


He’s got a six-game winning-streak under his belt thus far, in the absence of both Amare Stoudemire & Carmelo Anthony. He’s everything that the New York Knicks wanted & needed to get some team synergy established, and he’s also Chinese-American. It’s very refreshing, in a city like New York, to have some ethnic representation of other people, on the team of the city of the world. Madison Square Garden is the world’s sport stage, and deservingly enough, its teams which grace this sports arena should very well reflect the diversity which this city prides itself upon.

The Knicks’ Linderella-season couldn’t have possibly been perceived nor anticipated by anyone in the sports-world. No one would’ve ever dreamed of an Asian dude, Harvard-grad, and fresh off of the bench, as a result of back-to-back injuries of Stoudemire & Anthony, the two most popular & until now dominant players on the Knicks’ roster. But, then, out of the blue, here’s comes Lin-He’s graceful on the court, knows how to control & dish out the ball to the open man, has confidence in his own shot, can drive to the basket, I mean, he’s the total-package.

He’s really shown & proved that he can play this game & deserves the recognition shown to him as of late. His recent rise to fame in the sports-world has the whole world buzzing, from Beijing to Berlin. He’s been instantly been made a figure that millions of Chinese & Asian youth, around the globe, can look to someone like Jeremy Lin & inspired, as he creates a platform, in a sport that’s always been seen as a sport for only certain types of people. Yao Ming was first; but, Jeremy Lin has surpassed Yao in such a drastic & explosive way. And not just as an Asian player, but as a player period-Afterall, when’s the last time that a player, fresh off of the bench, in the NBA, or any other professional team-sport, for that matter, has carried his or her team to a six-game winning-steak?

Things like this don’t just randomly happen out of mid-air. Rather, this is the direct result of tenacious drive, coupled with tremendous work-ethic, and the urge to prove to everyone who doubts you that you can do whatever others say that you can’t. He’s definitely proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA, and has established himself as a serious player who knows how to take care of business.

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