My thoughts on Feminism (The hatred & disrespect of Men):


Author’s note:
Since I’ve already written a poem about Misogyny, it’s just as fair to write one about Feminism as well. Feminism, as we know it to be has been incepted to be an alternative for women to Misogyny, to combat Misogyny even. However, unfortunately, it has begun to cause the same ill-affects that Misogyny has. We as Muslims, fellow Human beings, need to find better alternatives to dealing with the opposite gender, as opposed to attempting to get one leg up over one another. I’ve exclusively targeted the modern Muslim woman, who has full-throtled accepted this pathological concept known as Feminism, which basically teaches women that we’re crap, as a result of what’s between our legs, which we didn’t even give ourselves and/or what the next man has done negatively. Bitterness, as a result of negative experiences with men generally, have promoted & propelled the women of our world to view men as untrustworthy & worthless at the same time. This poem is geared towards shedding some light on this issue, that we, as men & women (particularly Muslim men & women) can ween ourselves off of having enmity against one another, based upon biological factors that none of us are in control over.

Please, don’t hate me:

Why must you be against me?
What have I ever done to you, to make you not wanna be my ally?
I have been prosecuted, without an opportunity to produce an alibi.

What have I done as a man, to make you look at me with utter disgust?
I’m not your enemy; don’t view me as the one who’s scared you.
I care for you; whether you believe it or not, what I tell you is true.

Why am I always the one to blame for the next man’s folly?
Never have I beaten you, but you’d threaten me with the dreaded “9-11” call.
You would throw all my faults in my face, just to prevent me from standing tall.

You claim to be an independent woman, yet you expect me to maintain you, and to be used as a tool.
Then, you turn around & attempt to disgrace me; you go out of your way to make me look like a fool.

Your resentment for my gender doesn’t make you superior, it just makes you petty.
Don’t make biases against other creations of Allah, the Devil has done this already.

He hated our father Adam, just because he wasn’t a Jinn.
What makes you think that hating men will give you a win?

Gareth Bryant/2012

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      • Actually, the fact that you’re not even a Muslim is proof enough that you haven’t even acquired your full potential as a Human. The entire purpose of a Human being existing is to recognize the existence & oneness of the one who has created him; and, by virtue of the fact that you haven’t accepted Islam is proof-positive that you’re not even a complete Human being. I strongly suggest that you take out some time to use basic-intelligence to observe the creation of the Universe, to come to the conclusion for yourself that you have an obligation to be dutiful to Allah, your Creator, the Lord of the Universe.

    • And, uh…..did you forget, or didn’t know that I am, myself, a Muslim? So, what makes you think that I wouldn’t respond to that obviously overt Islamophobic comment of yours?!!!

      • Oh I knew. I do not hide my opinions from your sort. What’re you going to do, cut my head off or blow up school in protest?

      • Firstly, your last comment made no sense, Muslims revel in what?!!!
        Secondly, your insults only make me more relevant, and make you look even more pitiful & desperate for attention.

  1. First lets’ address the poem ; well written thoughts that invoke one to peer more closely @ this paradigm . what segment of the populous,education and class. when one peel the layers back what emerges is other slave of this Capitalist System; the White Female , whom as been held captive in her role as house-wife . Enter in Mary Daily who is one the founding Mothers of the Feminism deception, its’ outward appearance to be benevolent we must save our sisters from fate worst than death the rallying cry when at its’ core is under ground Lesbianism.
    As for the Philistine, if his intention to engage you in battle of wits as he has shown he is lacking and deficient good night all have a pleasant tomorrow .

  2. Part II Now this is one think on; How is it that women of African decent can entertain this philosophy…..since their unsolicited landing in the Americas they( Black women many of them Muslim at that time) always had to work. When Slavery changed it format the male of our race were denied access to work that allowed him to provide for his family . instead the position went to the female this was the most devastating blow to the family structure and still in recovery to this day yet they ( the women) don’t understand or choose not deal with issue or you as a man in full sense of the word. Great topic Musa

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