My thoughts on Deception:


The Double-Life:

The double-life is in each & every one of us.
Attempting to live two lives is totally arduous.

We think that we know people so well; but, what you see is just a facade.
Once you begin a double-life path, you must at all times be on your guard.

You’re willing to do anything & hurt anyone; you have no boundaries, your soul is sold.
You’re forced to live life as a Chameleon, constantly changing, to avoid being exposed.

It’s better to be honest, which is ever so admirable.
But, you’d rather be deceptive, which is despicable.

The longer you keep the life of lies going, living a double-life becomes more justifiable.
You begin to celebrate the dishonest nature you’ve adopted, this is just simply horrible.

Do you ever wonder how hard it may be for those who live double-lives to look in the mirror?
They can’t, because they’re not able to face the fact that they’re often causing immense terror.

The double-life keeps people in the dark about who you really are.
It’s amazing how we think we‘re close to people, but we’re so far.

It often takes a lot more energy leading two lives as opposed to just one.
The game of deception may be played by many, but it can never be won.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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  1. SubhannAllah!!! If I had the means to plaster this is every Muslim community I would. This is so true nowadays, and what’s even worst is when the one doing the deceiving is a Muslim. Authoobillah, may Allah protect us from those who embed these practices in their character and may He who knows, hears, and see’s all things expose these individuals as needed. Ameen Ya Rabb!!

    Great post Mashallah,

    my Salama

    • Salam!!!

      Well, if you want, you can always tell people about my site, and/or just make copies of that particular poem & post it anywhere & everywhere that you possibly can. 🙂

      And, thanks so much, for all of the positive feedback, it means a lot, really.

      • Okay no problem, to be honest I didn’t even notice it was a poem…it was just so real mashallah. But I will take it upon myself to advertise your page and Inshallah re-post to Facebook. Keep the good word coming.

        My salama

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