My thoughts on Carelessness:


Nobody cares:

Whenever you are on your last-leg, you are expected to run a whole mile.
But, if you can’t deliver, people front on you & treat you mad funny-style.

They only want you for what you have, not for who you are.
But, when you are in need, they’re always so distant and far.

You’re always on-call, do for others, but no one wants to do for you.
It’s unfortunate that you’re only a tool for others, sadly it is very true.

People do not care if you have other things to do.
Manipulation of others is very far from being new.

Sometimes, I feel so used and unloved; I feel the harsh lack of concern from others.
It is foul how people have no care for you, and we are all supposed to be brothers.

Constant is the demand to deliver; yet, no one delivers for you in return.
You can tell when someone doesn’t care for you; you can feel the burn.

It’s just a game that people play, to use you for their own devices.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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