My thoughts on the Past, Present & Future:



Previous actions of one’s self which can’t be reversed or taken back once set.

Affirmation of what has been witnessed, along with accomplishment & regret.

Signs from Allah teaching us to behave later on and what never to do again.

Tantamount to necessity of reflection, only my ever distant memories remain.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Personalized is the journey of this life, always moving forward and never backward.

Reality in the here & now, everything must flow freely, I establish my own standard.

Expectations are manifested in real-time; It’s my time to show & prove.

Sudden, yet subtle, I’m to ensure for myself that everything runs smooth.

Every moment is so precious and priceless, so it must be used wisely.

No one can afford to let time pass them by, they must use it precisely.

The here & now is for us to utilize.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Flabbergasted  at the tomorrow that Allah has in store for me.

Unknown is what I’ll experience, acquire, or even get to see.

The only assurance of a successful tomorrow is dependence upon my Lord.

Unchallenged is His authority to determine any & every single action & word.

Recognition of His control over all things which lie ahead makes things a lot easier to accept.

Every happening under His scope, it is divinely proportioned and planned, as well as perfect.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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