My thoughts on Ingratitude:



Incompetent, incapable, unruly, worthless, despicable is I.

Nonetheless, I pretend that I am the source of my supply.

Grave will be my affair with my Lord, whenever He is not praised.

Revenge will be His; when He is not given credit, He’s not pleased.

Arrogance is a poison of the Heart, it corrupts the Soul from the start.

Tremendous is the nerve of a person who is prideful, it’s just not smart.

Impetuous is my ego, it’s out of control; I take myself way too seriously.

Terrible is my state of mind; I don’t even deserve my Lord’s generosity.

Undesirable is this destructive spiritual disease & shameful is my gall.

Deceived by the Devil that I own anything, it is Allah who owns it all.

Every time we behave this way, the further we will go astray.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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  3. Brilliant poem! I love the adjectives you used for this topic, and I believe you are very accurate in how “ingratitude” can hurt oneself more than any other. I greatly enjoyed this post! Thank you. 🙂


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