Love!!!So important is this four-letter word.
It is something we all have heard.How often it is said, yet it is rarely meant.
It’s more important than any money spent.A lot of people use the phrase: “I love you” so spontaneously.
However, they also seem to fall in & out of Love so casually.

Is it really Love, or just merely Lust?
How can there be Love without Trust?

Is the one you claim to love in your thoughts, day & night?
Are they someone your heart yearns to hold so tight?

Perhaps you’re the one who wears their heart on their sleeve.
Or, when the going gets tough, you are the first one to leave.

These are the crucial questions you must answer yourselves.
Perhaps you have learned that your Love was never genuine.

Or, perhaps you are still in denial, keeping your hearts atop of shelves.
Maybe you’ve realized that you were a dog chasing its tail, all over again.

Some people may view others like this as being phony.
Yet, others may choose being phony over being lonely.

Gareth Bryant/2008

My thoughts on Love:


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