Some Brief Islamic-History (the Origin of the Hijab of the Man & Woman in Islam):


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Author’s note:
This article has been written as a result of a previous lecture that I had given about Hijab at Hudson County Community College, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Unfortunately, whenever the subject of Hijab comes up, it’s basically always gyno-centric-It’s always concentrating upon the Hijab of the Muslim woman & not enough or at all upon the Hijab of the Muslim man. I personally view this bias, when it comes to only mentioning the Hijab of the woman, as very unfair, for the following reasons: It gives a lot of Muslim women the impression that men can wear whatever they want without reservation, which makes the mandates of Hijab seem very misogynistic. Also, the rise of a feminist mentality among Muslim women has established the very  radically deviant opinion that women don’t have to wear Hijab, at all, because it’s something that puts women back, as opposed to putting them forward. Then, there’s the whole fallacy that the Hijab is just an Arab thing, or something which predated Islam in Arabia.

Firstly, the ordinance of the Hijab originates not from Islamic-Arabia, but rather, according to “Stories of the Prophets”, written by ibn-Kathir, the Hijab was initially an established mandate for our Human parents, the first Muslims from among Mankind, Adam & Eve (Peace be upon both of them)-Ibn-Kathir has clearly explained, in his work, that when they disobeyed Allah & ate from the tree which Allah told them not to go near in the Paradise, they were evicted from the Paradise itself. When they were subjected to live upon the Earth, Allah had thus commissioned both of them to wear clothing, to cover their private areas. So, Adam had made clothing for himself, which covered him, from his navel to his knees (which coincides perfectly with the statement of Muhammad [Peace be upon him] when he described the `Awrah [private-area] of the man in which & he said, “Whatever lies under the navel & to the knees is an `Awrah [private-area].” [Sunan ad-Daraqunti & al-Bayhaqi]), and made clothing for Eve, which covered her entire body from head to toe (which also coincides perfectly with how Muhammad [Peace be upon him] described the `Awrah [private-area of the woman] when he said, “A Woman is is to cover her entire body & reveal nothing except her face & hands, once she reaches puberty.” [Sunan Abu-Dawud])-Now keep in mind that they were the only Humans upon the Earth at this time. So, the fact that this was ordained for them when there were no other Humans around, except them, is very important & significant, thus proving that the Hijab for both men & women possess roots in Islamic antiquity.

In all reality, the purpose of the Hijab is to maintain proper etiquette & decency between men & women, that they treat one another with respect, and not to merely view one another nor themselves just sexual objects. But, unfortunately, we all live in a modern/secular context, which promotes general/full-scale immorality via over-sexualization of our global society. Also, we live in an age where these disgusting misogynistic & feminist ideas of what men & women are outside of an Islamic context & this has caused Muslim men & women to have developed demented ideological religious stances as to how to practice Islam on an individual level as well as a social level. For now, let’s just stick with the individual aspect of practicing Islam.

The Feminist-Community has basically blacklisted the obligation Muslim women to cover properly as something archaic & savage, meant to demean women. On the contrary, the Hijab of both men & women was established to uplift both respective genders, never to debase them. However, because Secularism has become the ideological king of our society, people like members of the Feminist community have actually supported various movements to get the Hijab for women, specifically, banned in as many places as possible. Basically, they want our Muslim sisters to shame themselves, before men as well as other women, by exposing parts of their bodies which Allah has ordained to be covered & concealed from public view, as Allah says in the Qur’an: “Oh, Prophet!!! Tell your wives, daughters & the believing women to cover themselves with their garments. This is ensure that they be recognized & not be harassed. And, Allah is all-forgiving, most-merciful.”.(Chpt.33, V.59) In all actuality the purpose of the Hijab is not to make us miserable, rather to separate us from the rest. I mean really, do you want a bunch of horny, ill-mannered men who don’t believe in Allah & the Last-Day or disobedient Muslims to drool over the sight of your body?!!! We need to seriously think about this!!!

Now, there are those who would argue that men should have more control, or that women shouldn’t have to cover just because men are lustful. Well, from a Human perspective that’s a very good point. But, we’re not the ones who make the rules; rather, the Creator of the Universe has ordained how men & women are to worship behave, act, and dress, not us-The whole reason that Allah has ordained that men & women cover different parts of our bodies is because by our very nature, which He has created us with, men & women are anatomically attracted to different things. Let’s be very honest here, we all know that even anatomically, women are more attractive & possess more to offer men than the other way around.

The reason why women are required to cover their entire bodies is because every aspect of the external anatomy of a woman is attractive to some man in some way, and it’s not normally the other way around, meaning every aspect of the anatomy of a man is not attractive to a woman women are attracted to very specific things on a man’s body, while men are attracted to a whole number of things on a woman’s body. The ordinance for both men & women to cover their bodies a certain way is actually a mercy from Allah, for all of the reasons that I already mentioned previously. The whole notion of supporting legislation in countries that are attempting to legally eradicate the Hijab, for women specifically, are truly people who are hell-bent on establishing Secularism everywhere, and are on the side of the Shaytan to attempt to extinguish the Light of Allah (i.e. Islam). This is systematically being allowed because Islam is the only force that stands in between those who wish to see the world immersed in complete desire-driven corruption, and their goal of a world without any divine guidance established anywhere.

Gareth Bryant/2012

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  1. Thanks for an interesting post and well done for consistently posting!
     I always think hijab is an almost impossible thing to explain to a non Muslim because it can’t be divorced from the acceptance of God as your creator and his divine right to organise your affairs.
     If one argues ‘modesty’ there’s always some sweet girl without hijab wearing baggy clothes, no make up and keeping her distance from non mehram who can argue ‘hijab of the heart’ while lots of hijabis cover but socialise.
    If you argue it protects you from the gaze of men, there are always a bunch if pervy brothers who will gawp twice as hard if a girl’s covered up, or if she wears it where the majority don’t, perhaps more people notice her and give her attention.
    Or maybe there are women who finds blokes’ forearms and necks ridiculously attractive, and they don’t have to be covered up. Logic sometimes doesn’t cut it, cos we are coming up with the reasons from a fallible mind.
    Bottom line: if you are convinced of the creator and you believe the Quran is His word, then you submit to His will and His supreme knowledge of the human being. We may not ‘get’ the reasons fully with our weak minds but it’s about loving him and obeying him. So I wear hijab cos He decreed it and cos His opinion of me matters more than what some blokes may think or what women, feminist or otherwise think 🙂 

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