Apparently, Anthony just couldn’t keep his weiner in his pants:


There’s recently been a tell-all expose, initiated by the one-time cheerleader coach/internet side-piece fling of the fallen former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, in her new book. This woman, Traci Nobles, is now dishing all types of dirt that obviously Weiner thought would be his best kept secrets forever…..wrong, buddy!!! Now, this guys has violated more bathroom stalls, and exercise facilities, with his “lil’ man”, than any high school tech geek could ever imagine.

To add insult to injury, this guy has a relationship with this woman, Huma Abedin, whom he blatantly embarrassed, both publicly & privately. But, enough about him. Let me talk about Huma for a minute. I have some clear-cut, straight/no chaser advice for Huma Abedin: LEAVE WEINER & DON’T MARRY ANOTHER NON-MUSLIM!!! You see, apparently, she’s a Muslim, but, in Islam, it’s made very clear that Muslim women are religiously prohibited from marrying any Non-Muslim man, under any circumstance. But, I’m guessing that didn’t matter much to her.

Allah says very clearly, in the Qur’an, “And do not marry the Men of Idolatry, unless they believe.” (Chpt.2, V.221). This verse of the Qur’an, although worded the way it is applies to any & all Non-Muslims, regardless of their respective religious orientations-Muslim women are off-limits, period. And, this escapade that Weiner had embarked upon is proof-[positive as to why no Muslim woman at any time, under any circumstance, should even desire to marry a Non-Muslim. Allah has given us a warning, but Huma had refused this warning, and this is what happens.

Now, I know that those who know me will give me a pretty hard way to go for writing this (yeah, like I really care, anyway…HA!!!). But, this just has to be said-It has to be known where the lines are drawn religiously for Muslims. Now, whether a Muslim chooses to abide by these regulations is an entirely different issue all-together. I’m just here to say what very few have the balls to say.

Even referring to their “marriage”, Islamically, it wasn’t even a marriage-Allah has already prohibited Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim men, thus, their union is not Islamically acceptable in the sight of Allah as a marital-relationship. And, Weiner knew this full-well, that’s why he said that Huma’s parents were “backwards”, as so related in Nobles’ book, detailing all of the trash-talk that Weiner was dishing out, concerning Huma’s parents & their general disapproval of her “marriage” to Weiner. Now, without getting all defense, in defense of Huma Abedin, Imma ask all of my respective Muslims, who are more on the Feminist/Liberal scale, was it really worth her even doing what she did, considering what Weiner has done to her?

Now you may think of me as sort of an ass-hole for even writing this, and personally, that’s okay with me-I’m more than willing to accept any & all criticism concerning this. Besides, in all reality, I’ve written about a hell of a lot more controversial things than this. So, criticism is something that I receive pretty well, concerning my writing…..bring it on!!!

Now, back to my boy, Weiner: Dude, you’re a dummy!!! It’s bad enough that you’ve embarrassed someone who loved to the extent that they were willing to forfeit & disregard a deep-rooted religious principle for you, the least that you could’ve done is kept the lie alive & not have all of these various indiscretions. But, what can I expect?!!! But, then again, honestly, I have to admit something: if I were not a Muslim, and a Muslim girl was dumb enough to violate her own religious principles for a dude like me, yeah, I would’ve definitely done the same exact thing.

And, this friends is why Allah has prohibited Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslims, ya get it now?!!! It should be crystal-clear at right about this point!!!

#I’m just sayin’!!!

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