Gareth Bryant’s Top-Five reasons why there will never be a Palestinian state:


1. The Palestinian people, the Muslim Palestinians anyway, have not made the issue of Palestine a religious issue-They’ve only made this an ethno-national issue, while forgetting that Palestine is the long-lost sector of the Muslim-World. So, like any & every part of the Muslim-World, it belongs to all of the Muslims, not just some, just like how Makkah, Madinah, and Jerusalem are not at all the properties of the respective countries that hold present jurisdiction over these sacred religious-sites, rather in truth, they are the properties of the Muslim-World. But, very few, if any Muslim-Palestinians, Muslim-Arabs, or Muslims in general, view the issue of Palestine in this way at all. This is based upon a statement from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), when he said, “The Muslims share three things: Water, Fire, Land.”.(Abu-Dawud) This refers to any and all places where the Islamic-State has ruled/formerly ruled, places where there is a modern government which is presently run either mainly or totally, by other Muslims, as well as any & all natural resources available in these respective places, by religious default, all of the above, are the global-properties of the Muslims. But, unfortunately, again, most Muslims just don’t get it.

 2. The Western-World really doesn’t want the Muslim-World to reunite, under any circumstances, which would, by default, tamper with the geo-political/financial dominance & interests of the Western-World, in the Muslim-World, particularly the Arab-World-The main reason why the United Nations even allowed the State of Israel to exist in the first place was to serve as a satellite-nation, to monitor & keep the rest of its Muslim/Arab neighbors under military pressure, which has worked significantly over the past six decades. And, the Western-World is not just going to give up its most prized satellite-nation, Israel, for the sake of giving justice to the Palestinian people.

3. The Muslim leaders in the Muslim-World/Arab-World are too greedy for wealth, power, position, influence on the world’s political stage, etc., to concern themselves with the needs of their fellow Muslims, who have been oppressed for the past six decades, which actually stem from the ancestors of the modern leaders of the Muslim-World/Arab-World revolting & helping to topple the Ottoman Empire, the last official, globally-recognized ruling-body of the Muslim-World to date, which no one wants to really talk about. This is how the Western-World was able to get the Muslim-Arabs to revolt against the Turks in the beginning, via the promise of autonomous self-rule.But, in actuality, they’ve become geo-political boy-toys to the Western-World, so because the Western-World has so much dirt on them, it’s like they can’t really stand up against the tyranny of the State of Israel & the Western-World, without first admitting to the fact that they are, in fact, majorly responsible for the formation of the State of Israel, via rebellion against the Ottoman Empire, which had control over Palestine at the time of World War I-Of course, after their defeat, in World War I, one of the conditions of surrender was that the Ottoman Empire forfeit all former territories, outside of modern-day Turkey, to the Allied Powers, which, of course, included Palestine.

4. If a Palestinian state were in fact established, they would have a lot of bones to pick with a lot of nations, like their Muslim/Arab neighbors, who basically left them hanging for damn near a century, while they’ve been systematically displaced, oppressed, marginalized, and made into the most popular group of refugees in Human history.

5. No one really gives a shit!!!

Gareth Bryant/2012

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  1. Do you have any info on a global secret meeting that took place around 1920s that was focused on dividing Muslims by disconnecting us from the Qur’an? Like the Prophet (S) said that there would come a time where the world would gather around just to divide us (paraphrased). I think overthrowing the Ottoman Empire was the result of this meeting that took place.

  2. Palestine is more of a political struggle than a religious one, but it’s completely wrapped in religion.

    That’s because Israel is like the kid with his hand trapped in the candy jar; if you grab a fistful your hand becomes too big to get out of the top of the jar again. Anyone with a brain would let go to get their hand free, except a baby who doesn’t want to let go of any of the candy.

    There’s a lot of Israelis who feel that the current policy of building illegal settlements is putting Israel at increasing danger, and risking the safety of the entire country to make a few religious extremists happy. Netanyahu is viewed as a right-winger in his own country, but he’s dragging them along. It’s costing Israel dearly; its allies in Europe are backing off and its friendly neighbors Egypt and Turkey are deserting it.

    It is illegal for an Occupying power to flood the occupied territory with its own citizens, under the Geneva Convention of 1949. They’re doing this so that by the time everyone is ready to try making a Two-State solution, Israel will claim that they cannot give up the land that is now Israeli cities, and that means any Palestinian state will be a fraction of what they had in 1967. This is why Abbas has refused to come to the Negotiating Table, since Israel is literally shrinking the Palestinian land during all of it. He said it’s like we’re negotiating how much ice cream to split between two people, but one of them keeps eating it while they’re discussing how much each person should get.

    For these reasons, the Two State solution is considered dead. Israel is running out of time to let it happen, because they know what the alternative will be; a One State solution. Palestinians are having way more children than Israelis, and Arabs are over 20% of the Israeli population inside the country. Since Israel is basically keeping Palestine as the world’s largest open-air prison, with the airspace cut off and the borders shut by Israeli military, eventually Palestinians will say that the territory is controlled by Israel and thus they’re in Israel, then start demanding the right to vote.

    Israel will then be stuck with two choices; they can deny Palestinians voting rights and Israel will remain “a Jewish state” but will stop being a democracy and will be a pariah apartheid state, OR Israel can continue to be a democracy but will no longer be a Jewish state. Either option means Israel will lose. Ariel Sharon saw this coming, which is why he ripped all the Israeli settlements out of Gaza and started working for a Two State solution. Cutting the Palestinians loose is the only way for Israel to continue to exist, but Netanyahu is greedy; like the kid with his hand stuck in the candy jar.

    I think most Israelis know this. Sadly, the (nutjob) settlers believe one of 3 crazy things; some crazy event will happen where all Jews worldwide move to Israel and keep the Jewish majority, the Israeli government finally uses military force to physically throw all the Palestinians out and force them across the river into Jordan, or God will make some miracle and save them.

    • As-salamu ‘Alaykum

      I do agree that the parties of Israeli that favors expansions are greedy, but they are also making well calculated moves. Their grabbing as much land as they can because if/when they do have to negotiate in the future it would be under the best possible terms, for them of course. Their negotiating partner are currently willing to accept 22% when the initial offer was about 50/50. If the facts on the ground change long dramatically enough before negotiations, the Israeli parties that favors this approach might be able to get others to accept an even smaller percentage. After all, if you also factor in the affects of the A,B and C Zones in the West Bank their negotiating partner only really control about 10%. Who knows that will happen in desperate enough conditions. I hope for the best but would prepare for the worst, with this and matters in general.

      And brother Musa I do respectfully disagree about people not caring. It is just that the people in power prefer to support Israel as you said it best serves their interests as a buffer in the region and many in the West are misinformed. If they knew Christians were being persecuted in the conflict as well I don’t think so many they would be as supportive. Muslims that do want to help in whatever way in other areas, get stopped at the border or discouraged in other ways.

      Jazak Allahu Khairun

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  39. Gaza and Palestine the issue is not Israel, those Jews are curse by Allah. The problems are us the Muslims, and specific the Arabs they see themselves are faultless due to them being Arab, their thinking like their advisory Jews because they are the chosen people they are flawless and faultless. This is the attitude of some of the Arabs of our time, they think because they are Arab they are faultless. Rather yet they abandon the Shariah and Tawheed, for Arabism, Socialism , Communism, Democracy, for shirk and bidah which are the reason of them being dived and weak. Is the reason why they lost Palestine to Israel.

    Only thing going to solve their problem is returning back to their deen how the Prophet sallahu wa alayhi wa salam taught it. And it was not from Arabism, Socialism, Communism, Democratic, bidah and shirk, an not the methodology of Ikwaan Muslimeen who do not enjoin what is right when it conflict their political goals.

    So going to happen in Gaze the same thing that always happen, nothing and Allah knows best, because is not correct with what the Messenger of Allah correct the Ummah upon that is tawheed and Jihad and not bias against Haraam or Shirk or Bidah even if it was from his own Arab people or group. As when he told the people even if Fatimah radi allahu anha stole he would cut off her hand. That Adal and justice upon truth. Not what the Muslims in our days and times bring racism, culture, bidah , shirk and try name that Islam and the Sunnah.

    Because last time the Arabs got together to fight Israel you lost. Because your own People told Israel you was going to attack that was the King of Jordan at the time. You lost because it was not for Allah it was for Arab nationalism. The deliverance of the ummah is what deliver the early Generation that was tawheed and Jihad. And before Islam Arabs had no unity, about because of Islam it gave you unity. Not your culture not you being Arab united you it was Islam along with Jihad. So when they left the Shariah and Tawheed you lost your Unity, you lost your land. Return back to Islam how it was taught without bidah and shirk and bigotry rather if its from your own tribe or group. As the messenger of Allah and his Sahabah fought his own family and Tribe. And Allah was pleased with them and them with Him.

  40. Brother a portion of the Khutbah I just gave was about this issue. As I see it, the closest Palestine ever had of becoming a state was when the Muslims were fighting for freedom with “Bismillah and a rock”. When they left the battle to Allah progress was made and relative to current times it was more peaceful at the height of rock throwing in the name of Allah. Now they are strapping bombs onto themselves and firing rockets at innocent people who are not on the battle field. I don’t care what the Israeli’s do. The Palestinians can’t fight as they do. We have standards as Muslims. And those standards have been crossed. Now Israel is dropping bombs on everyone, and that region is the most unstable it’s been since the 80’s and the Lebenon war. The need to go back to Bismillah and a Rock and let Allah fight the battle…

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