The Top-Ten reasons why I would be the perfect Baby-Daddy:


1. I’m a Muslim, who believes in Allah & the Last-Day.

2. I would give you the honor of being my wife before having children with you, as opposed to just being my personal, sexual plaything.

3. You would never have to worry about getting caught up in any unnecessary “Baby-Momma Drama” because I don’t believe in having babies all over the place.

4. You would never have to harass me, or take me to court over child-support. I believe in taking care of my own children.

5. You could rest assured that I would always be a good example for my own children.

6. I would give my children all of the love & care that they deserve.

7. My children would never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, or where they’re going to live.

8. I would make sure that my children would have all of the advantages in life that I have had & that I’ve never had.

9. My children would always know that I was always there for them.

10. You would never forget how hard I would work to be the best father for my children.

#I’m just sayin’!!!


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