“My Poetic-Proposal to my Lord”



Oh, Allah:

Let me remember you when I am both happy and sad…
…regardless to whether I am calm or stark raving mad.

Allow me to be ever thankful for any test which you’ve set forth in my path…
…for me never to take Your mercy for granted, that I never earn Your wrath.

Have me in Your noble-service, by constantly being in the service of the Other…
…to view every Human, regardless of their creed, as my sister and my brother.

Give me a clean heart, full of Faith, which will never doubt, reject Your existence…
…shower me with Your ultimate graces, so that I always thank you via repentance.

Make me a Warrior, for Your pleasure: struggling on & off the battlefield…
…let me be skillful & worthy enough to spread mercy & the power to heal.

Let me be of those whom the People feel safe around…
…that I have the ability to turn all frowns upside down.

Let it be I who bring smiles to the faces of the miserable…
…let it be I who give strength to the weak, meek & feeble.

Let not my days be done, lest I can guide People to Islam…
…that Your name be praised, by every man & in every land.

Gareth Bryant/2014




P.S… This story is dedicated to all lovers out there. The story (itself) is purely fictional… I just hope I don’t offend anyone

Allow me to tell you a story… And listen to what I have to say… A love story of the Sun and Moon… And the reason for why it rains…

Long before mankind was created… To live in the drama we call life… A dramatic love affair occurred… In the shadows and darkness of night…

The Sun was a brave and handsome Spirit… He shone the heavens above high… And he wore the finest of armour… That shined like a ruby in the sky…

The Moon was too a beautiful Spirit… She was the Mistress of the night… And the young lovers would dance together… Her evening gown of diamonds bright…

The Sun could see her beautiful face… The Sun could hear her beautiful song… The Sun could use his smell, touch and taste… To experience her sweet embrace…

But their love was strongly forbidden… By jealous Forces in the sky… Warning the Sun to leave his lover… If he didn’t, they threatened he would die…

The Sun did understand the danger… That his actions could lead to his death… But the sun would not leave his lover… He still loved the Moon with his last breath…

His defiance angered the planets… And he was taken to a place to be judged… The Planets also captured his lover… Against the Sun, the Planets held a grudge…

The Sun was stripped of his fine armor… To increase his humiliation… While the Moon could only bear witness… The Sun faced his adjudication…

The Planets charged the Sun… His crime was that he’d fallen in love… How could such an act be accepted?… The stars witnessed from the sky above…

The Plantets then offered to forgive the Sun… If he’d only deny his love for the Moon… The Sun refused to deny his heart… For what else could this young lover do?…

The Planets in their anger, took his eyes, his nose, mouth and ears… So he would not be able to feel her touch… The Moon cried a waterfall of tears…

The Sun was stripped of all his senses… And was left to shame and complete disgrace… But the Sun still rises every morning… Alive, but without a face…

The Moon understood his sacrifice… That was his testimony of love… And has vowed to stay by his side… To eternally dance in the sky above…

The Moon still holds her lover who can’t see… Or even feel the warmth of her touch… He cannot even hear the song she sings… The Moon misses her lover so much…

So the next time rain falls from the sky… Giving water for the earth and all the trees… Think of the Moon who forever cries… For her lover to return to thee…

So the next time it rains water… That falls to give our earth sweet life… Take a moment to reflect on the Moon… who will never be the Sun’s honored wife….

So those that have lost true love… Whatever the reason be… Rise up every morning… And shine for the world to see… And even if your separated, by a fate you can’t control… True love is always destined… Just shine with all your soul


“There is nothing in the cosmos or on the earth that doesn’t come to the Beneficent as a servant. Certainly He (Allah) comprehends them, and has numbered them all. And everyone of them will be brought back to life, and come to Him on the day of Resurrection…”

But, those who believe and do good deeds, for them the Beneficent will surely bring about love.

Noble Qur’an: Surah Maryam (Chapter 19 verses 93-96)

Jamal Romeo Santiago Shabazz/2014

Of the Slandered, but not of the Fallen:



There’s news around town that Gareth Bryant is a fraud.

They mean to judge me as I’m to be judged by my Lord.


I’m given no recourse for self defence, against offense which can’t be proven.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes envy at play, in shadows as a dank craven.


I’ve been viciously accused of carrying disease & bringing pestilence from the carrion.

Condemned to being sentenced to the Galleys of Gossip, on the Oceans of deception.


I wish I had wings, to fly away from the hurt of defamation’s blister.

To retire to the south & never return north to suffer the cruel winter.


I’m in the ring of threats, lies, and cries.

All those at ringside are those I despise.


My only weapons are the blade of my religion.

Accompanied by my shield of brass conviction.


Also with my armor of confidence.

And my helmet of sheer defiance.


My greaves protect my legs, my foundation, from being cut down.

My swift arrows, which can hit its target, without making a sound.


Constantly treading on the battlefield of life, drenched by the blood of the fallen.

The blades of grass, once emerald in hue, now stained with shades of crimson.


I’m the Slandered-Gladiator, pursued by mad Emperors, who enjoy bloodshed.

They know to kill one’s reputation is far more destructive, than killing one dead.


I’m paired against adversaries only wanting my life & property.

They think that their speech of 2-tongues can really scare me.


One challenger, two legions, three armies…more!!!

Come fight me, in public, let’s just settle this score.


No longer afraid of death, nor loneliness, we were born & will die by ourselves.

I am prepared to face anyone & on any day…such is the great fate of Warriors.


Victory belongs to those who are most just.

Those whom Allah favored, earned His trust.


Gareth Bryant/2014

The Slander-Games:



Don’t ever  spy, and never delve into envy…
…you’ll realize your good deeds aren’t any.

When we violate the sanctity of reputation, without proof…
…on Judgement-Day we’ll find our records will be all aloof.

Never try to take what Allah has given someone else…
…the fire of Justice will engulf all of your true wealth.

It’s better for us to speak good or be silent…
…let your desires be humble, your ego quite.

The honor granted to Human beings must be upheld, by all means…
…so do not allow your heart become hardened as solid steel beams.

Allah loves not the Oppressor…
…He’s angered by the Aggressor.

Do not wish for Allah’s mercy, when your hands yearn for His wrath…
…may our Lord keep us upon His most pure as well as righteous Path.

Gareth Bryant/2014

Why Hawaiians dislike White-People




James Ferguson

James Ferguson, one of my dear Muslim-Brothers: very intellectually well-appointed, and factually sound, has decide to grant us commentary of the hypocrisy of what most call American-Democracy, which has always, historically & contemporaneously, been used as a euphemism of American-Conquest. He talks about the waning reign of the Kingdom  of Hawaii, which was, at her time, basically, the last sovereign nation in the Pacific.


Hawaiian Queen

The native population at the time absolutely was not in favour in becoming a state. Hawaii became a state through a process to similar to countless other peoples who were subjugated to colonial-masters, subterfuge, pretext and force. Briefly, the actual King, himself, was overthrown by the Honolulu-Rifles, a Anglo-Protestant militia-group, when the King refused to renew the Reciprocity-Treaty. This treaty  was a ‘free-trade’ agreement and had lead to a large influx of US investment in Hawaii’s sugar-plantations. The treaty also gave the US lands in what is now known Pearl-Harbor. The treaty was extremely unpopular with the locals, and when some of the natives had protested the taking of those lands by the US, they were repressed by US-Marines.

The Militia established a pliable puppet king and also imposed racist polices including disenfranchising all Asians and imposing such onerous property and income restrictions on voting that the minority white population controlled 75% of the eligible votes. There was a failed counter-coup to restore the Monarchy. And when the puppet king died, his successor-daughter, Lilioukalani, upon ascension to the throne, received petitions from about 2/3 of the Native population to restore the old-order and to remove the US-Military presence from the islands.

The Queen was blocked in her attempts to do so by the ‘Committee for Safety’, and eventually she was forced to resign. At which point the Committee, with the support of the Honolulu Rifles, created the ‘Provisional Government of Hawaii’ led by Stanford Dole, a white guy, to negotiate the annexation of Hawaii by the US. So yeah: not exactly a process that had the support of the majority of the native population, but I guess it did have the majority of the voting population.

Additionally, you find antagonism today, because it is perceived that that manifest injustice still has a real effect to this day. For example, the Caribbean is littered with islands where the descendants of slave masters still dominate the islands economically, and thus politically. The most extreme example is probably Bermuda, where the old families still control the best land, dominate all the major companies, marry within themselves (or wealthy white outsiders), and get insider access and can thus protect and entrench their positions. The locals get fed the lie that the past is irrelevant to their current disenfranchised positions and that if they would just world harder they too could send their children to Eton.

James Ferguson/2014

Was missing jet HIJACKED? US officials fear MH370 was captured and flown to mystery location


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Was missing jet HIJACKED? US officials fear MH370 was captured and flown to mystery location

US investigators think that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remained airborne for four more hours after vanishing from its last recorded position – raising the startling prospect the plane could have been hijacked.

Officials suspect that the plane flew for a total of five hours based on data automatically downloaded from the Boeing 777′s Rolls Royce engines and sent back to the ground as part of a routine monitoring program.

US counter-terrorism teams are now pursuing the astonishing possibility that the plane and its 239 passengers were diverted to an undisclosed location ‘with the intention of using it later for another purpose’.

Startling theory: US counter-terrorism officials are concerned as to why Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remained airborne for four hours after it vanished from radar based on data transmitted from its engines. Pictured are crew members of a Chinese Air Force aircraft

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